Calling all DayZ players - Wobbly-pop Game Day Saturday Dec 12


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Hello fellow Survivors,

This upcoming Saturday Dec 12 we'll meet in Band of Others Teamspeak in hopes of surviving the harsh conditions of Chernarus. All are encouraged to hoist their favorite bevvies of choice however this is not a requirement.

I've 20 hours in DayZ the past 3 days and personally believe it's finally in a place where it may be better than the mod. For this reason I'd love to get together with some of my fellow B2O brethren in an attempt to link up this Saturday.

Given DayZ Mod was the most played Community Game in B2O/Fragtard history I'd like your honest input on whether we attempt to relive those wonderful memories this day. It will also be live-streamed to give viewers a glimpse into what DayZ at Band of Others is like allowing viewers to form an opinion on whether to join in.

In the interests of clarity, while I'm enjoying the game immensely I WOULD NOT recommend anyone purchase the game. DayZ is currently, horrendously overpriced given what's on offer and I'd hate to see anyone spend their hard earned dollars at this time.

Most of us purchased during early access when it was 20 or so dollars which is a good deal.

Please respond if you're interested in joining in.

I'll be online all day Saturday starting around 9 AM PST (12:00 noon EST).

Hope to see you there.


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Also, I know we have a DayZ Server but I got kicked from it enough where I had to find another Server.

If you have a PVP Server in mind please share the details here.


I might join, been setting up and managing some servers for the gentleman that kindly offered his server to host TS on after the previous server sub got ended.


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Thinking about doing this again this Saturday Dec 19 for anyone who's interested. I'll be on the same server we left off and likely streaming all day long.
Despite a large number of negative reviews on the official Steam page, DayZ is one of the most popular survival games, with both the community and devs actively supporting it. You begin your journey in a random place on the map, usually on a beach on an island's southern tip. Because the main guy just possesses a signal saber, a bandage, and old clothes, you'll have to contend with acquiring various rubbish and escaping from Chernorusi's endless adversaries right from the start. Humans will make up the majority of your opponents. This game used to be my main game, and I used to spend a lot of money on But I was content! I had a fantastic experience!
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