Can't Configure Nvidia Surround because of Unclosable Program


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So booting up my PC today, I went ahead and ran the update for my Elgato Stream Deck (I actually just put it off the last two days), and of course it needed programs to be shut down, so I closed them. After the installation, it required a reboot, so I rebooted. While waiting for the reboot, I was playing with my monitor input and accidentally switched it to from DisplayPort > HDMI. This means that the Monitor wasn't visible to the PC when it tried to boot, and it broke my Nvidia Surround.

Whatever. I break Nvidia Surround periodically anyways. I get the monitor back to DP, flip the screen order around in the Windows Display Settings, because my monitors are out of order and confusing, and then I open up the Nvidia Control Panel > Configure Surround, PhysX.

In order to configure surround, I'm faced with another "Close these programs and click Continue:", which I'm used to. I go down the list, closing Steam, Gyazo, Spotify, GHub, etc, everything can be closed via the Toolbar until all I'm left with is a program called "cropassistservice.exe".

Only thing left on the Toolbar is Bluetooth, OneDrive, Windows Defender, MoBo Audio, NVIDIA Settings, and Windows Volume. All things that I can't close.

So I open up Task Manager. Nothing in there says CropAssistServices.exe. Nothing in Applications, Processes, or Background Processes.

So I do a file search in "This PC" and come up with an EXE burried in my System32 folder. I can't close it. I can't delete it. A google search gave me a couple commands to try in the Command Prompt to flush the repository, and it's had no effect, and every time I restart my PC, it is still there.

Also, CCCleaner didn't find anything, and Windows Defender scan came up clean as well.

Does anyone else have any ideas? I litterally can't setup surround because of this stupid fucking program.

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