Can't stop thinking about Death Stranding


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I just don't know what it is about Death Stranding but, my God, wow.

The game literally makes no sense to me and, on paper, should be dull as dishwater.

...but it just isn't.

If you have 12 minutes to spare, the following video is what sucked me in and the story hasn't let up since:

I mean, WTF?

You play as Samuel "Sam" Porter Bridges and it is your job to carry items from this point to that point all the while navigating a hostile, and awe inspiring, landscape. If you're not protecting your containers from Timefall you're trying to safely navigate BT's and trying not to get robbed and/or beat up by MULES.

You're travelling across a largely desolate post apocalyptic USA trying to connect Cities and Stations (otherwise known as Nodes) to a Chiral Network.

You do A LOT OF WALKING but somehow it remains interesting because you're simply trying not to fall over; which I know sounds ridiculous, but it's somehow fun. Nearly every step you take is meticulously planned out so if you're not fearing for you life from enemy you're fearing for your parcels from the environment.

Oh, and it's the first game I've ever played that punishes you for being a l00t whore which only makes it more interesting. Maybe that's part of it for me, a game that actually makes looting dangerous and difficult. It's an ever present challenge and I LOVE IT.

At the end of the day though I just don't know how this game is so good but it is?

It's incredible so far.

We'll see if it can stay that way to the end.

Currently I'm 15 hours in with likely another 40 - 60 hrs to go.


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Wow, intense!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that game might give me nightmares :eek: What's up with the baby?
Sam can sense BT's however the baby allows him to actually see them.

At least this is what Sam says in the beginning of the game before he gets the BB.

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