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Band of Others Blancpain Sprint Series League

League Overview (Blog)

League runs every Friday night commencing at 7:30 PM EST.

League consists of 3 Sessions as follows, all running full fuel load.

1. Open Qualifier: 60 minute session affording Drivers a chance to work on setups and put down their best laptime. Those falling within 103% of the fastest recorded in session lap are Inverse Grid for the Qualify Race.

Those falling outside the 103% rule or "Opting Out" of Inverse Grid are manually placed at the tail end of the field.

2. Qualify Race: 10 minute Warm Up, 20 minute Sprint Race (no Pit Stop). Qualify Race is Grid from results of Open Qualifier and "Opt In/Out" Driver preference.

1 fast repair

3. Main Race: 10 minute Warm Up, 50 minute Race with 1 Pit Stop 25 minutes in for tires only.

Pit Window is 5 minutes in duration, those pitting outside of Pit Window will incur a minimum drive through penalty when the Pit Window opens.

1 fast repair



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Band of Others Practice Pals

Practice Pals exists to put good people together who wish to improve racecraft in a socially enjoyable and fun environment.

The best part is, all Drivers improve without risking either iRating or Safety Rating.

Details of our Practice Pals Programs can be found here.

Practice Pals for iRacing runs weekly Mon, Wed and Fri with Fri being League.

Start times are as follows:

Monday: 8 PM EST
Wednesday: 8 PM EST
Friday (League): 7:30 PM EST



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Band of Others Endurance

There is no greater Team experience within iRacing than an Endurance Race. It's not just the race itself but all the preparation that goes into readying for such an event.

Band of Others has a core group of Drivers that typically run the larger iRacing Endurance events however we're ALWAYS open to new Drivers.

The atmosphere is fun and friendly however competitive as well so we do take the Driving seriously particularly come event time.

If you are a safe and clean Driver then we'd love to welcome you into the fold.

Pace is not as important as a level head.

Should you be interested in joining please speak up, we'd love to have you.

This topic contains links to all content relevant to all iRacing related programs from Practice Pals to our Blancpain Sprint Series League.

If for whatever reason you cannot find information on something simply respond to this topic and I'll be sure to add it.

Band of Others Blancpain Sprint Series League

Band of Others Paints and Liveries

Band of Others Practice Pals
With the Sprint Series League is that happening tonight 13/01/2017 or no because of the Daytona 24 hr
Hey well i just worked it out and i only hope im not this slow in the races
11:30 AM (11:30) AEDT = 7:30 PM (19:30) Previous Day EST as im now in Aust Eastern Daylight Time the league race will be at 11.30 am tomorrow morning for me unfortunately ill be at work ( Bummer).
Moving forward now i know of the difference i will plan myself better and will catch up soonish enjoy the race good luck to the podiums and will see you all soon .
I just went and had a look at joining races and i couldn't believe the amount of rooms dedicated to the Porche 911 out of 24 rooms 16 dedicated to the car have a feeling this car is popular and long awaited i feel.
No idea but it seems to be as quick as the gt3's we have with some tuning i only took it for a sprint around Bathurst and the handelling isnt the best but the top end speed is similar to the gt3 it could be compatible


911 is out!!! Wow, awesome!!! So weird, I went and test drove a 911 today, first time to drive a Porsche and I get home and here it is on iRacing :)
The 911 GT3 is not quick as a GT3 car. In a straight line, yes, it can reach the same top speed, but it doesn't handle as well and you have to brake way earlier and way softer. You just don't have the entry and exit speeds of a GT3. That said I think the 911 GT3 will be a great addition for multi-class races with the GT3 cars, as it's quick enough not to be a danger.

I believe the current fate of the Ruf is that it's losing the C-Spec series (Ruf Cup) in favor of the Porsche GT3 Cup, which happens on Monday. The Ruf GT3 Challenge stays, with the Ruf Track, as there is no pure Porsche alternative yet.


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Endurance Notes:
Coming out of #iRacingNurburgring24 (Pt 1):

Hey guys! The iRacing 24 Hours of Nurburgring is in the rear-view mirror now, and as we look forward to Le Mans, I just thought I'd share some feedback and thoughts that were shared from the last race. This isn't necessarily a Pro vs Con list; everyone who I spoke to were extremely satisfied with the event overall, and you all should be! This also isn't meant as an attempt to call any individual(s) out! You ALL did a outstanding job, and it was great to be a part of it with you!!

As always, though, there were speed-bumps along the way, and I just wanted to try to smooth some of these out before the next event!

Drive Time:
One of the reoccurring themes that I heard post race, and not just from this event, was something to the effect of "..I wish I could have driven more..". This was never said to me in an overly negative, or upset manner, but is definitely something that I wanted to look into further.

In the past, B2O has always tried to fit as many people on to a team as possible, usually 5-7 for a 24 hour race. However, this has left drivers limited in the amount of seat time that they can gain (2-4 hours/stints maximum). This has been alright (again, I'm not bringing this up because anyone has ever really COMPLAINED about the lack of drive time.), but I can see how some people can be a little disappointed with this system. I appreciate that everyone has put forth the effort; several hours of practice and setup work, running up the lap counter for weeks leading up to the event... only to find out that they'll only contributing about 15-20% to the event.

There are two things that to note with this:
  1. I will NEVER ask a driver to drive more stints then they like.
  2. I will do my best to get each driver as much seat time as they are comfortable with.
Therefore, for Le Mans, I'm going to try to set up teams by prioritizing each individuals preferred drive time: Start with drivers who want more drive time (5-8 hours/stints), and then use the drivers, who do not want as much drive time, to fill in the gaps as we can!

To achieve this, I would appreciate a good estimate of how much drive time you are comfortable with over the course of the race!

How I plan on ranking the drive time?
  1. 7-8 stints (</= 9 hrs)
    • Sam and Noël went into Nürburgring considering 2-man-ing the event. However, by the end of the event, they both agreed that it would not be practical to have a team size less than 3. At some point in the event, every drive needs at least one period of 4-6 hours of rest, and that is not possible with just two drivers!
    • If you feel like you can do 12+ hours, or even have the stamina to solo the entire event, I appreciate you're enthusiasm, and I will happily put you in "Class 1"!
    • That said, I'm still going to cap your drive time roughly at 9 hours.
    • Make sure and practice triple-stints, and be confident that you can do them, as each driver may be required to do at least one such stretch over the course of the race!!
  2. 4-6 stints (<7 hrs)
    • I think a lot of drivers will fit better into this category. A team of "Class 2" drivers will easily fill up a four man team, or...
    • One "Class 2" drive can also slot in with a couple of "Class 1" drivers to fill a three man team.
    • This class will allow people to contribute a little more, and doing 2-3 double stints gains you the benefit of consistency (some people prefer doing concurrent stints, as it helps them gain a rythem), and it also opens the door for strategy (we double stinted tyres at the Nürburgring, so by doing double stints ourselves, you were always aware of the tyres that were on the car, and this minimizes the chances of getting into a car on tyres that someone else has used.)
  3. 1-3 stints (<4 hrs)
    • Not everyone wants to sit in a car (or their rig) for two hours straight without moving!
    • Not everyone will be available for the entirety of the 24 hour event! Family, work, or other personal priorities will often get in the way of sitting at your desk for 24 straight hours, and we don't want these things to prevent someone from being able to participate with the team!
    • This is NOT a negative class! I don't want anyone to feel like they're not contributing!! I want everyone to be able to contribute at a level that they're comfortable with! Any stint that you can pick up, lessens the burden on other team mates and gives them another hour of rest!
The goal of this plan will be to aim for team sizes more around 3-4. I'll do my best to distribute drive times; I don't want one "Class 1" driver to carry the brunt of the load for the rest of the team of "Class 3's". For example, our third-split Band of Others Endurance team consisted of two "Class 1" drivers (Noël [8 stints / 9 hrs], Sam [7 stints / 8 hrs]) and one "Class 2" driver (Me [6 stints / 7 hrs]).

One other thing that I want to be careful of, however, is putting too much on a driver. We always want to plan for a little bit of energy left in the tank when the event is over for a couple reasons; a.) unpredictable things happen over the course of a 24 hour race, and you never know when someone might have to cover someone else's stint on the fly, and b.) you should always WANT to drive more at the end of the event, so that you're motivated for the NEXT event!!

I can't remember which endurance event it was that we ran, but we spent weeks of practice leading up to it, and then we poored everything we had into the event, and at the end of the event...
...we wanted to vomit at the mere mention of the track, or the car. Some people walked away from iRacing for a week or two, and, at least one person, has yet to come back to iRacing (whether related or not, idk).

Bottom line, each event will depend on the number of people that sign up, this is just a system that I want to try to make sure people are getting as MUCH drive time as they like. If we can keep the car sizes to 3 or 4... Great! If it takes 6-7 drivers to fill a team and get them to the finish-line 24 hours later? That is cool, too, then we'll do that!

Registration for Team Events:

Registering for Team events is a little bit different than registering for a normal iRacing.com session! However, just like in every other iRacing session, how your team registers directly effects what split you'll be facing.

A more detailed explanation on how iRacing handles teams can be found

...but for the TL;DR version, these are the basics. Unless specified, every B2O team will have 1 (ONE) driver register the TEAM.

If you are 'THAT' driver;

  1. Join TS at least 30-60 minutes before the race! It will do a lot of peoples' heart good to see you in TS ASAP!
  2. Registration opens up at 12:30 GMT (same half-an-hour before the race session that every other iRacing session uses.).
  3. Register for the race session just like you would register for any other race event (either in the top right of the iRacing page under the "Race Now" tab, OR via the "Official Race Guide", OR via the "Popular Races Guide").
  4. Select the correct team that you're driving with ie. "Band of Others Endurance - XX".
  5. Congratulations! You're WHOLE TEAM is now registered for the event, based off of your iRating! You can join the practice session, or just hang out until the session starts at 13:00 GMT, its your choice!

If you are NOT 'THAT' DRIVER;
  1. Join TS at least 30-60 minutes before the race! It will do a lot of peoples' heart good to see you in TS ASAP!
  2. You don't have to do anything else! Just chill out with us in TS, eat some dinner (breakfast, for those of you in the Western-Hemisphere), and wait until the Race Session has officially started! (Any time AFTER 13:00 GMT!)
  3. Once the actual Race Session has started; Mouse over the "Teams" tab in iRacing, and click "My Team Sessions".
  4. Select your team, ie. "Band of Others Endurance - XX". Ensure that the session you are joining has a "Session start time" of 13:00 GMT, to make sure you are joining the race session and not a practice session joined by someone else on your team earlier, and...
  5. Congratulations! You should now be entering the race session for this week's event! Good luck, have fun, enjoy!

iRacing ranks all of the teams based on the iRating of the registered driver/drivers. If Noël registers at 4500iR, then the team is registered at 4500iR. But if Noël registers at 4500iR and I register the same team at 2500iR, the team's iR will only be 3500iR!!

This is important is because of some of the things we can do with iRating...
  • If we want to be in the highest split possible, then we have the driver with the highest iRating sign up for the race.
  • If we want to be in the same split as another team, then both teams need drivers with identical iRating to sign up for the race.
  • If we want to be in bottom split, then we have the driver with the lowest iRacing sign up for the race.
However, if we're trying to do one of the first three, having a second person register for the event will...
  • Reduce the iRating of the team..
  • Change the iRating of one team so that it no longer matches the other team..
  • Raises the iRating of the team..
Multiple people signing up for an event may be beneficial if we have Team 1 registering at 2000iR, but we don't have a 2nd driver at 2000iR to register the Team 2. We can have one driver with 2500iR and one driver with 1500iR BOTH register Team 2 for the event, and iRacing will average the iRating of Team 2 to 2000iR, giving us the best possible shot to be in the same split.

We will determine which driver is registering each team before the event, and have it listed on the front page of that event's thread!

To Be Continued....
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Endurance Notes:
Coming out of #iRacingNurburgring24 (Pt 2):

TeamSpeak Comms

This is another thing that came up in post-race discussions, and I'm currently trying to work out a way to improve this system.

During an iRacing Endurance Event, the "Race Comms Only" sub-channel will be further split, giving each team running in the event a channel to themselves. This channel will be locked, to prevent any outside disturbances like trolls or other unwanted guests.

Some drivers prefer to race in absolute silence so that they can focus (the try-hard bastards... ), while other drivers prefer to have some sort of background noise. I'm not picking on anyone here, as everyone has their own preference, and I'm not here to tell you which end of the stick you should be on, but there was a dynamic that was observed during the Nürburgring that I would prefer to avoid in the future...

The situation went like this;

The driver who was starting the N24 was a driver who prefers silence, or at least as little communication as possible. He moved to the locked 'Team Channel' along with one other team mate who could spot for him. Next, the entire rest of his team followed him in there.

When this situation was brought up post-race, the response we received from members of the team that moved into that channel was "...well, we were quiet."

This response, at a glance, is good. The driver wanted silence, and I am glad that his team-mates accommodated him, and were quiet! However, there is an issue with this...

WE'RE the "BAND of OTHERS"! And here at B2O, Comms are, like, 95% of what we do!! It is what brought us together, and it is what grows and (somehow...) what strengthens our community! We don't want to LOSE the comms that have made this community so great.

Yes, every driver should have access to a private channel should they prefer silence, and there should NEVER be a point in time where a driver is in a channel by himself. He should always have at least one person in there to spot, give information, or burn what is left of the midnight oil as the night/morning drags on! However,we also need to make sure, as a group, that we have a place to hang out, keep each other posted on how the teams are doing, and... maybe make fun of drivers who... I don't know... blew the car up earlier in the race or something...

This is what the "Race Comms" channel is for!

Another scenario that occurred during the 24N, happened as we closed in on a pit stop. Someone hopped into our "Team" channel and asked how things were going while we were in the middle of working some traffic and double checking our pit stop. We WANTED to answer the question, and we WANTED to ask the same question to that person, but the timing was bad. After a few minutes, we had pitted, we were clear of traffic, and things had settled down to a manageable enough level, so we turned our attention back to the person who had joined our channel....

….except that person had left, and was now muted. That was kind of a "bummer" moment, and we all felt kind of disappointed. Obviously, we received more updates throughout the race, as well as returning the favor and popping over to their channel, however, we were careful to do so because we didn't want to interrupt THEIR race, either.

I think a better solution would be to keep as many people pooled in the general "Race Comms Only" channel as possible. When you finish a stint, if you have a reasonable break, jump up into the "RCO" channel and give them ALL OF THE INFOS!! Tell them about your stint, tell them how the car is, find out how theircars are doing, etc! Use "RCO" as our version of Pit Access! That way we can try to keep everyone up-to-date on how the other teams are doing without interrupting a pit stop, or a tight-traffic situation where the driver needs all of his focus on the road ahead, and any help from the spotter that he can get.

Logistically, there are some things we'll need to figure out. Stream-wise, we'd like to keep at least one stream in-car with each team at all times, if possible. That way, everyone in "RCO" can follow the race and the in-car chatter via our Twitch streams. However, we'll need to sort out a way to broadcast the "RCO" channel as well, because that is the stuff that most people will be tuning in to hear anyways! However, I can't imagine it would take much to just broadcast audio, and I could easily just set up my laptop to broadcast/record the RCO channel, if need be. I'm open to brain-storming on this, so I'll probably open a thread to further discuss this topic, soon.
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Unfortunately, it is late, and I'm getting a lot of "Internal Server Issues", so I'll try to pick this up tomorrow night... Its a lot of information to digest anyways! :D

Again, I don't want anyone to feel picked on, or singled out for any of these topics! Our Endurance events have been a positive experience, I'm just putting some things out there and searching for ways to improve the experience for everyone involved, both directly in the race, and in the community in general!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Monday! I'll catch you guys in #PracticePals tomorrow night!


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I totally understand everyone's preference in comms and would never ask anyone commit to a comm channel that is full of chatter if they want silence and vice versa.

In the last Endurance event I was one Driver who went to the quiet comm channel and proceeded to mute myself. This is behavior uncommon to me but I felt I needed to be in that Channel not only as Team Sponsor but as Team Streamer as well.

I felt it was more important to stream the quiet, focused, race comm only chatter rather than the more impersonal "goofy chatter" we are more known for.

The one thing I need to point out though is even though I was muted in TS during this period, I was far from silent on the Twitch Stream. Whatever happens in TS is TS but when a viewer asks something I'm right on it as soon as humanly possible.

...after all it is the audience or the acquaintance of a past audience member that brought all you fine people here.

I can actually pick apart my decision to move equally toward pro and con however ultimately, for me anyway, I want to continue growing these programs and if that means streaming a different approach to comms so be it. It could be the difference between adding more Drivers or not, don't know?

All I know is that if I'm streaming an event I want to be where the event action is taking place hence my decision to join that channel.

I do take your point though Zac and as such will be more transparent in the future about these decisions.

As always I'm open to input on the matter because my POV may not be the best approach so if you feel differently please let me know.

Ultimately all I want to do is strengthen what we have and build upon this seemingly solid foundation. We all benefit when new Drivers enter the fold and this is what drives (pun intended) virtually every decision I make.

BTW, that video is classic :D


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I completely agree, @Duke. This is one of those "logistics" issues I was having earlier. I 100% think that if you're a streamer on a team, then you want to be broadcasting the in-car comms all race long, I mean, otherwise, what is the point?

The idea was inspired to actually curb a personal mistake, which may not affect anyone else. I want to know how the other team is doing, but I'm easily distracted, and can't have that when I'm driving the car. Any time our TS started talking about the other team, or how the other team was doing or where they were on the track, I became disoriented. I would partially be visualizing where the other team is on track right now, and only partially be aware of where I was on track. I made a really stupid mistake and crashed our car in, what I thought was, Flugplatz, because we were talking about the other car being there, but actually I was two corners before Flugplatz.

You can open up a second tab in the same TS server and sit in both channels. You can only TALK in one channel at a time, but you can LISTEN to both, simultaneously. This means that you can completely mute "RCO", but still pop in and check in with other team mates when you're not in the car (update all the viewers, get updates from their team, etc), while still listening to your "Team" channel and preventing your stream from missing what happening in the car.

I don't know if this would help or not, but I'm definitely going to try it. Its a cool feature by TS and I'm curious to see how it works!

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