Chia at Rolex 24 HR Daytona 2019


So as many of you probably saw, Daytona was very interesting. The weather on Saturday was okay, sunny most of the day but cold and windy. Around race time, the clouds starting moving in and it got colder. At night, we mostly had to watch from inside the Champion's Club because it was so windy, no was really prepared. And then Sunday, it poured the entire day, so inside watching only. And of course, there was almost a constant yellow flag with wrecks everywhere o_O It was almost like watching Demo Derby, with many of wrecks occurring in turn 1 where water had puddled and it was so difficult to brake into the turn.

Despite the weather, it was still tons of fun!!! Below are some pics and videos.

In the Wynn's AMG Pit with Bernd Schneider:

The start of the race:

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