Chia Goes To Nurburgring!!!!!


Well, tomorrow I leave for my journey to Nurburgring to drive the Nord IRL :D:D:D I am soooo excited, this has been in the works for a couple of years. I'll be driving the AMG GTC on Tuesday and Wednesday. And it looks like the weather is going to be perfect. Could be the greatest driving adventure ever for me, I'll try to post pics when I can ;)

Whatever it takes
'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins
I do whatever it takes
'Cause I love how it feels when I break the chains
Whatever it takes
You take me to the top I'm ready for
Whatever it takes
'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins
I do what it takes

Nice one! Don't forget to ask the Nurburg king @Noodleguitar for some tips ;)

It's also a dream for me but won't be able to do it for a while so for now will just live vicariously through you and Noel lol

Lots of pics and vids if you can! Have a great time :cool:


I get out of my car and Maro Engel walks up to me and tells me I am in his group because Reinhold Renger (head of AMG Driving Academy) ("Reini") told him I was a "pretty good" driver, which I guess coming from Reini was a compliment. There were 3 other drivers in my group and all of them already had Ring experience and had just come from SPA, so Maro told me to try his group and if I wanted I could stay or switch to Reini's group, which would be a group with less experience. I already knew two of the drivers in that group from COTA and both do a lot of track driving and are quite fast and they were all driving GTRs, not GTCs.

I went out with them for a couple of laps and found that there is a fair amount of difference in driving the GTC versus the GT3 in the sim. The braking points are different in many of the corners and places where you can be flat out in the GT3, you can't in the GTC. After a few laps, I felt like I would slow them down so I asked Maro to switch to Reini's group.

That was a good decision because it gave me more time to adjust to the difference in driving the track IRL and AJ, the head of US AMG Driving Academy was there learning the track in that group so he could instruct next year. I knew him and so with him and Reini in the group, it was just so fun!!!!

The track is just incredible, the elevation changes, the compression in the Foxhole, the amount of braking going into Swiss Cross, how bumpy the Karoussel is, it was just the most challenging track I have driven on but by far, the most fun. We had incredible weather both days and we drove laps one after the other both days in between track walks where we would stop at certain corners to discuss strategy. I would say all and all we probably ran 25 to 30 laps around the Ring. It was exhausting but just so awesome!!!!

Okay, I know, how fast did we go? Well I generally don't look at my speedometer when I am driving the track because I'm focused on it. Most of the time when we came by on the back straight we had to slow down because of other groups entering the track but a couple of times we did get to go flat out through. The one time I did look down, we were at 262 kmph, fastest I've been yet :D:D:D

Track walk with a couple of groups at the Karoussel


I don't have a video yet, I'll post one when AMG sends it to me. I think our lap times got down into the high 7's, so not near Maro's speed, but, hey, you gotta start somewhere ;)

At the end, I said to Reini, next year SPA and he said, no, no, next year Nurburgring and SPA :D We'll see.

Tire change at lunch:


So much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow... that must have been an incredible experience! Thanks for sharing that, the castle looks beautiful too, will have to add that to my list of to do's when (if ever!) I go there. Looking forward to seeing the video!

162mph is some serious speed, I bet that felt great, I always found though that beyond a certain point in a straight line it starts to feel almost eerie with how fast you know you are going, but it doesn't feel that fast. I've been to 160mph in one of my tuned 300zx's and it was so strange how calm it felt, I expected it to be more intense. Something that was backed up by James May when he took a Veyron up to it's top speed.

Did you remember all the corners or was it really much different to the sim? I'd imagine it would look somewhat different, different foliage and signs etc? I also would imagine you can't quite get the same sensation from the elevation changes playing on a pancake screen vs VR where it seems the elevation changes are so much more accurate. My only point of reference is Brands Hatch - specifically Paddock Hill Bend, haven driven it in an M4 and an F4 car, on sims in 2D pancake and VR. There is just no way you get that same sensation of your stomach wanting to drop out of your arse when you hit the bottom of a hill like that at speed on a 2D screen, but I do get it in VR and I wonder if that is my brain "filling in the gaps" when it comes to G-Forces it thinks it should be feeling from what I am seeing through an HMD.

I digress. What an awesome experience, very jealous! Congratulations :)


Yeah, I didn't have the sense that I was going that fast, so I was a bit surprised when I looked down. The GTC is very stable, so you just really don't notice the speed.

The corners were exactly the same as in iRacing. In fact, it always amazes me how accurate iRacing is. There were some spots where they have resurfaced the track that was different from iRacing, but it was actually smoother IRL.

The biggest difference was that in iRacing you are driving at GT3 with more downforce and on slicks, so the grip is much better. Although the GTC actually has more HP than the GT3, you don't have the same aero and we were on street tires, so the car is just not going to perform the same. There were several spots where you would be flat out if you were driving the GT3 and just couldn't in the GTC because you didn't have enough grip to make it stick. Also, the braking points were different on many corners. Although the car I was driving had CCBs, it just isn't the same as the brakes on a GT3.

And the track is quite bumpy in several spots. My neck was really sore from wearing a helmet and getting tossed around. You don't really notice it when you are driving but after you stop, you can sure feel it.

You also definitely don't have the sense of elevation changes in iRacing. IRL there is that whole compression factor that you just don't experience. It is funny because some of the corners that are simpler in iRacing are more difficult IRL and one of the corners I find the most challenging in iRacing was my favorite corner IRL, had much more grip then I expected so it was really fun. It was the uphill right-hander right after you come out of the village. That corner can be quite slippery in iRacing but IRL, you have a lot of grip and it is a blast. There were actually two jumps towards the end of the track where there is only one in iRacing, and those were really fun, although the down hill jump before the long chicanes, where you can be flat out in the GT3 through that whole section, you can't do it flat out in the GTC.

It was so worth the $ spent. Although it is not cheap, considering how much driving we did, 4 sets of tires, it is a bargain. The more I think about it, the more I want to do it again ;)


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Awesome, Deb! Sounds like a great time. I remembered in other sims that first down-hill felt like a jump, so I was surprised that its flat in iRacing. Must just be the downforce.

Glad that uphill right after village is better IRL, because it couldn't be worse in iRacing. 4 sets of tyres? :eek: That is fantastic!!

Hope there are videos to come!?

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