Chia in Colorado


While taking a break from the Texas heat, headed up to the Boulder Colorado area. Rented a convertible Mustang, the "MooseTang", which is an obnoxious bright yellow :rolleyes:

A Private Lounge member owns Oxotic Driving Experience in Golden, so heated down there yesterday with the objective of driving an AMG GTS on the 4 hour 105 mile drive through the mountains. They have quite a few different cars but warned the AMG GTS like I have so I could see what it's like to drive my car on these awesome roads! What a blast! And quess what, some how the AMG GTS was able to stay far ahead of the Lambos and Ferraris :D I wonder why :cool:

For some reason, I can't upload the pics so I'll try later


Is it allowed to drive in the U.S. without any front license plates? Or just in Colorado?
It varies by State, so each State is different. In Texas you use to not have to but they changed it in 2014 to require front plates. But I still don't put the front plates on since all they do is collect bugs and trash your grill. Even when I've gotten a ticket for speeding, they didn't ticket me for not having a front plate, so I guess they don't really enforce it.

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