Civilization VI

Why is no one apart from Wappy and me playing this? The game gripped me like no other in the past years, it's been out for 2 1/2 weeks and I already have 100 hours of playtime - I think my wife and kids are starting to feel neglected.
Granted, there are quite a lot of issues, most importantly even on emperor difficulty the AI seems to have trouble finishing a victory condition even when they are ahead, but I am still having tons of fun.

I have never played Civilization V multiplayer but I'd really like to give it a go in VI, albeit on a casual level, probably over multiple play sessions.

Anyone else planning to pick it up?
I don't really understand what kind of game it is JK. That's my honest answer...

I've never played any civ games although they seem popular.

How would you describe it's good points to someone who knows nothing about civ games?
It is a turn-based strategy game where you compete with other civilizations in various ways ranging from domination (warfare) to science or religion; kind of hard to explain so I let totalbiscuit do it:

If you want to watch a play through (which can take quite long though, this one is nearly 10 hours) I do enjoy quill18's videos:

He also has a tutorial for complete beginners which is a good watch:
Watched the first video - heard Sean Bean is doing the voiceover. Best game ever!

Thanks JK it's definitely not a game for me but glad you are enjoying it :)
I'm definately interested in this game, and most likely will get it at some point (I've played at least 5 civ titles), but I am jugling games atm already as it is. Next one will be Transport Fever coming out tomorrow, then 2 days later planet coaster will go beta, just got farming sim 17, and still I poor many an hour into ATS/ETS2.

I'm hearing lots of good things about this civ title though, despite bugs, so I'm surely interested. Prob will pick it up as soon as I'm done playing all other stuff, or at the first sign of a sale...


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I played 9 hours straight on the day I got this game.. which felt like 3 hours. Its one of those games you just lose time when you start playing.
Liking it so far. Have you tried MP yet, JK? We should get a game going some time.
Not proud to admit that I'm up to 149 hours according to Steam... :oops:

I have not tried multiplayer yet, but I'm definitely up for it. I've played a single player game with online speed which is kind of confusing as everything goes by so fast, and it doesn't help that I'm usually flip-flopping between victory conditions I'm aiming for...

When would be a good time for you to try it?

By the way, patch last night changes tons of things for the better!

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