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I understand the desire to progress slowly since this is a pve server and no need to race to things. However, I think the gather ought to be increased a little bit. Spending so much time farming materials to do anything just isn't fun. I don't think it should be some crazy amount, but just enough to allow us to spend less time farming stuff. Maybe just x2?


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I can fully understand that it feels grinding for some folks and to be fair, it feels a bit grinding to me as well.

Having said that, I'm personally playing for the RPG and immersion aspects of the game and given it currently takes far less time to make an arrow than it would in real life I'm ok with the way it is.

I have a stick collecting route that allows me to fight my way to it, while I'm in it and beyond. I've added a silk farming route as well as big game hunting.

Right now it's home, sticks, spiders, savanna, spiders, sticks, home and I love it! It's really taken the grind out of this ever repetitive menial task for me.

...but this is not my decision, merely my position on how to make something tedious a bit more enjoyable.

It's up to you guys whether or not we make resource collecting a bit easier however I'd caution against doubling anything off the bat. It may be a wiser strategy to turn it up to say 1.5 and test for a week or so and get more feedback then.

This will always be about fair balance and compromise for everyone because something that may make you happy may break immersion for others.
Sometimes the gathering can feel a bit tedious and also the levelling can feel a bit slow. Looking ahead however, I personally do not want to get to level 50 as soon as possible( just however long it takes) so that I can be wondering what to do as I have gotten there so fast!
Thats just me though, interested to hear what others thing about the speeds (or lack of ) of anything we have set. Same goes for things like the mobs and how fast they die or how hard they hit etc. all of these things can be adjusted as we need them.

on the subject of gathering speed, please bear in mind that it scales to your equipment, we are currently using iron tools which double the amount gathered from the original stone tools.
Next up are steel tools which double the amount again, so the game actually gives you double after a bit of levelling and patience, not just for switching on a server setting. My choice would be waiting for those but as Ken mentioned, we can always give a new setting a try and see if it suits us :)


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Bumping this for the new server.
After 23ish solo hours i think it could use a bump to 1.5
I spent quite a lot of time by myself on there and can barely manage to bring up the basic shit.
Then comes building/stockpiling for a guild, the most grindy bit i ran upon.

Putting the amount of resources to 1.5 wouldn't mean you'd reach level 50 much faster, i think the xp is based on the amount of swings and not the amount you yield from a node.
Fine with the way it is to be honest, I like the fact that to get anything meaningful done we need to work together.

The other night we had one building, one going out and getting wood, one going out and getting stone etc. it was awesome.

But then I'm not on it nearly as much as Quick (still can't get used to calling you elektrovodka wtf dude) so can see your point but I thought the point of us all getting back into this was to work as a team to get stuff done? I dunno.


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Well, i guess i'll go play in a singleplayer lobby then. Most of the free time i have doesn't match up with most anyway.
When it does i'll join in the journey up north.


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I'm not a fan of bumping anything to 1.5 so if that's what you guys want I need you all to agree on it.

This is an RPG Server and is setup solely to that end with only minimal changes such as day/night.

I do understand the grinding feeling you get but don't agree it should be different. As it is we're building super homes right now and we've had the Server a little over 1 week. What we've accomplished couldn't be done with 100 men in today's world in anything less than a few years lol.

The best way to make it feel less grinding is to mix the resource gathering with exploration IMHO but maybe that's not for everyone?

Anyway this is a discussion we've had previously and it was voted against basically for the reasons above. If you guys want this change we'll have to put it to a vote and change or keep it the way it is based off popular opinion.


In saying the above though, we can test changes and see what they do. If we decide we don't like changes then they can be reverted.

My only concern here is that we vote changes in because they make things "easier" which being a survival game with PVE it should not be easy.

Right now the game is still challenging enough where you have to be careful striking out on your own at Level 17. Once we move strictly to iron arrows that challenge will be lost as enemies are far easier to take down.

I suggested 1.5 previously when this discussion started but seeing how much a difference that makes jumping that much isn't a good idea either. As we can see in day/night, small changes make a big impact so maybe we try 1.1 or something?

Maybe small changes are enough to satisfy both sides of the fence but I ask you all keep in mind, those of us who are in it solely for RPG PVE WILL NOT want shit done for us. We will not want stuff leveled 00ber high nor access to the best stuff.

The guy that started this topic wanted it all right away and needed level 50 asap so he could run anywhere throwing caution to the wind. He nearly killed Nejt and I on more than one occasion running into mobs of skeletons in the dark like a fool.

He was irritated by the fact he couldn't recover his body as it was being defended by a pack of hyenas and he felt that was and unfair disadvantage.

...which it was not. He got bit (so to speak) by being careless and it cost him.
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One thing yo bear in mind as well (which we also covered before), is that as you get higher tier weapons and tools the amount you gather increases vastly. not sure what level you are yet but when you move to steel tools you can barely swing the pick before your bag is full and you are on the way back to base!

The only limiting factor then is how much you can carry, which in turn makes it feel like you are progressing towards the end levels rather than clicking a button to get there overnight, it does seems slow at first (especially with the stone tools picking one item at a time) but the iron ones we use now are 7 or so pieces and I believe steel tools do 14 or 15 which instantly gives you 2x rather than the 1.5 you are looking for at the moment.

When the game had a lot less content we took our time and STILL completely ran out of things to do. Now we have the new lands to explore it would be nice to stretch that out a little as well rather than out play the content. Just my 2 cents as everyone has different playstyles :)


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That's a good point, the game just turned stale and that was with shorter day and less time to gather safely.

By the time we hit Explanation Point we had so many resources it was nearly criminal. We had to start taking silly risks to even experience new challenges in the game. The route I was doing solo scares the shit out of me at my current level and as much as I'm dying to get farther I love the fact I can't do it.

I love the challenge and prep work that goes into getting anywhere in this game.

This temperature dynamic should prove interesting though. Just trying to spy that undead 00ber rhino thing had me 3/4 overheated just standing on the orange sand.
Yeah I love the fact that this game is a challenge and that I can't do things on my own that I can do with a group (like venturing out for iron and the coal trip).

I'm definitely of the mindset that I want to take my time with the game and savour it rather than speed it up in any way. Sorry Quick, but I know you will have at it in single player and enjoy being online with us too (hopefully) :)

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