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Nejt and I just went through the tunnel to the waters slightly North of our current position and make a small camp where the river forks just west of the center point in the map.

We took this route simply because it used to be pretty hide rich but has clearly changed in the past few updates. Now the most hides you see are reptilian so they do us no good currently.

Wappy and I wen the other way and followed the river as it traveled east curving North finally moving west toward where Nejt and I were.

From experience mixing exploration and resource gathering may not be the quickest way to get things done but it certainly is the most fun. Plus we're only making small hops Northward a bit at a time so the enemies don't scale too much.

Once we follow that river Northwest toward Exclamation Point is when things start getting hairy.

We'll definitely need iron arrows, weapons and armor if we're to be successful.
Don't forget candles and cushions as we will need somewhere soft for our bodies to land when we are killed because we are armed with a pillow and we can then use a candle to light a signal so we can reach our useless bodies :rolleyes:


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I've only been getting hides from bunnies but I think that's because I usually punch love them to death.

It's good to see the daggers being a bit more useful though, they've basically served no purpose so far.

This weekend if you guys are up to it I'd love to get to Exclamation Point and start setting up camp there. We'll need to iron up though because our current arrows aren't going to be very useful.

I'm probably going to make a number of stick Shangri La runs leading up to the weekend just so we have tons of them and also farm as much ironstone as humanly possible.


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None of the bunnies i killed and skinned with regular weapons dropped hide, so i figured they only did that when skinned with a knife.

Yeah i'm up for moving further, however the base we're at now is in the best spot if it comes to Metal/Coal gathering, there's no other area which has an abundance like we have now.


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I'm sure we'll be going back and forth a bit between Exclamation Point and our current base in the upcoming weeks so we can fill up for these trips.

I'm pretty sure that there's a lot of Ironstone up there as we were never really running short of it. I think there's even coal at the bottom of the ledge we'll be building on so it should all be there. As for abundance it may be a little less than at Turtles Head but I'm not sure if it's that it's far off, perhaps Nejt or Shilka can correct me though.

We'll need to stock up at Exclamation Point as much as possible as it's likely the launch point for the Frozen North.

Now there is some very interesting stuff West of Exclamation Point which iirc may also be a good place to make our way North (maybe even build). The question is, would you guys like to see what's West prior to hitting North?

Also there's this other area I'm dying to take you to which is fantastic fun particularly if added into a loot gathering trips.


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I've not had pants much of the time. I tried them and they made my butt look fat and my legs uninteresting so I ditched them some time ago :)

I now have this skirt armor I stripped from an NPC Pit Fighter.


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Last night I spent an hour and created between 300 - 400 iron arrows which are in the Wardrobe in the far corner of the bottom floor.

The run itself to create these arrows is actually quite fun, challenging and helps in leveling it seems.

I basically take whatever route I want to Stick Shangri La (our early base) killing everything on the way with flint arrows. The only thing I pick up is the rarer items such as Hide, Ichor and Gossamer, nothing else.

When I reach Stick Shangri La I usually dump the hide at our starter home there and collect as many sticks as humanly possible. Then I go off and kill some more until the sticks respawn and fill up completely until carrying 99% weight. During this time I'll also cook some food if I need to for the trek back to Turtle Head.

I kill on the way back taking the rarer stuff with me and then drop off the sticks when I get back to base.

With light dropping I quickly run out along the northern edge of the water, past the corrupted tomb (or whatever it is) and start gathering ironstone. By the time I get back to Turtle Head base I'm overincumbered but since you only have to cross the water heavy it's not that far a journey.

Actually side rolling (dodging) makes it go much faster as well so if you don't want to walk slowly that's how to speed things up lel.

This one trip is enough to make approx. 400 iron head arrows which we'll need moving North.

I intend to do a number of runs in this manner and will do so on Saturday.

There will be no Single player Saturday this week, it will be all Conan and I'll let chat decide what I do next Saturday.


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lel thanks :)

I just love this game so damn much. I cannot believe how much I missed playing it and it will only continue to grow in awesome as we move North.


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Do you guys want to hook up this Saturday Sep 2 for the journey Nothwest to Exclamation Point? I'll be on the regular time at 2 PM EST and hopefully will have gazillions of arrows for the trip.

I've a very straight forward path to get there that is the path of least resistance but we'll need to stay sharp and stay together as aggro drawn from multiple sources could see us all killed.

There's also a convenient rest spot that we can lay down bedrolls and a few chests prior to the final leg of the journey North of the Rivers bend.

Do we all have appropriate iron armor now including boots and gauntlets?


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OK well we can always build up our supplies Saturday and perhaps create the jump point at Rivers Bend as well if we get bored.

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