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Well if Saturday is a no go then Sunday is fine as well. The only issue I have with Sunday is I MUST get back to the ETS 2 Sunday Drive. I've missed it 2 weeks running now and it's not a good idea to get into the habit.

I can use Saturday to hit Stick Shangri La and also make trips to Turtle Head to farm Ironstone and Coal as required. I have no issues making these trips as I'll likely cut across the desert areas a few times to experience parts of the map I've not yet seen.


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Ironstone and coal should be no problem with the steel tools, no reason to get them from that far away. By the time I've filled the furnace the resources are already re spawning.

The salt lakes to our west have trees that give "branches" only when you harvest them, bit closer and quite the change from Stick Shalala.
The stalactites there are used to harvest brimstone, that's mainly the reason i went there as we need to keep crafting steel for the upkeep of tools.
Can't make Saturday as I'm going to see a band then Top Gun at a pop up outside cinema. TURN AND BURN!

Should be able to be on Sunday


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I just do the trip because I enjoy it EV ;) I don't care about convenience, I like to kill and explore while I farm which I think makes for better Twitch viewing.

Plus I want to discover the parts of the map I've not yet traversed in that region.

Lastly if NT is indeed re-installing it'll give me an excuse to go meet him, assuming he wants to meet up with me of course.


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Type: SetServerSetting "ServerMessageOfTheDay" (MOTD HERE) in the console as an admin.
That will write it to serversettings.ini

If you have FTP or some other webbased file manager for the server just edit serversettings.ini and add ServerMessageOfTheDay=MOTD.

You can make different paragraphs with the <br> option. 1 for a end of line mark (to continue a sentence on another line) and <br><br> for paragraph spacing.

Isn't there an option to do it from the admin cp ingame?


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I don't know, I've not looked closely.

It wasn't a feature previously so I had no idea whether or not it was even something we could do at this point.


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Sure, I'll restart it when I get home from work tonight.

Why have I not set you up with Admin yet?

Can you please PM me @ElektroVodka and remind me to give you Admin? If you do not PM me I will forget within minutes of hitting the Reply Button.
For heading north all the way, to the snow area, we need fur gear. So at first I would recommend getting a little base in the green area north of our main base and get fur gear for the expedition team. I scouted into the green area tonight and its packed with beasts. I would be glad to come join you when you head out north. Let me hear what you think.
Well, I'm on the server too now, I'll have to take sometime to gain some levels and learn about what's new. Electro escorted me to certain death and eventually the main base (next time tell me about frying alive in deserts out front XD), thanks for that :D

I'm assuming that the main base will stay exactly that for a prolonged time? Like sort of a center of main operations and a central start of expeditions. I guess eventually once I'm settled I'm good for some building and creating some storage that's not based on the logic of entangled spaghetti :)

The game seems to be quite a bit more buggy then before, had a first game crash within my first hour of play, and the first thing I saw when entering the server was this character creation screen.... other then that, when it runs, it runs ok performance wise. See you guys soon!



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Well, I'm on the server too now, I'll have to take sometime to gain some levels and learn about what's new. Electro escorted me to certain death and eventually the main base (next time tell me about frying alive in deserts out front XD), thanks for that

I'm assuming that the main base will stay exactly that for a prolonged time? Like sort of a center of main operations and a central start of expeditions. I guess eventually once I'm settled I'm good for some building and creating some storage that's not based on the logic of entangled spaghetti
I didn't know about the heat lol :p
Anyway, as far as i know the current base is pretty much smack dab in the middle of everything, so it makes sense to use this as a main hub towards all the other spots.

I managed to get 4 more thralls, two lvl3 fighters a lvl2 Carpenter and a named Smelter (Yael which takes ages to convert, she's been in there for 12 hours and only at 40%)

Made some steel with @Dave301 so there's 3 sets of Hatchets and Picks on the 1st floor cupboard for anyone to use.


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@Dave301, the idea is to find "easier" means of getting North but not actually going in that far. At this point it mostly makes sense to send out an expedition party to examine the boundary between desert and tundra (assuming that's what it's called) and find the easiest means of getting there from our Main Base at Exclamation Point.

This way in the event that someone dies or newer players need to be escorted North we can send out singles to fetch them and bring them to wherever we're stationed at that point in time.

This method is what lead to us finding the safest way to where we are now so I think it's the best way to continue Northward.

@Shilka, the game is buggier than before but to be fair, there's more content and game mechanics than when we were playing so it's understandable. The changes between then and now for the most part are largely positive so far however stability in the game needs to be the Dev focus because it's the most unstable I've seen it to date.

...and the Server Browser is still shit!

Oh and the storage, omg, I just gave up lol. I've also not finished with the Base so if you have some time and want to help out please feel free. I'd like to keep the main stairway open with balconies as they are currently but I'm very open to your ideas as your the best architect around here.

I just wanted to try something different and create something I think would be defendable from all approaches and still retain defenses (all be it from the second floor) if the main access point were breached.

Not like that would happen but just the thought process of it all made making the base that much more fun for me.

I'd love to create a 3rd floor as well very similar to the second as it's clear we'll need more living quarters. Davey also picked up the game so how many does that mean we have now,7, 8?

I'll be in game most of the weekend so if anyone wants to be part of an expedition party Northward please let me know.

As stated I've already found a way Northeast but would like to test the approach along the entire boundary from points East to West.
Very impressed with the base Duke, thanks for the room, I've been in and made it my own. Also done some resource farming and put them in the relative, or at least what I think are relative cupboards. Shilka, Quick and I were discussing the possibility of a double walled warehouse nearby? So we can properly label and organise the cupboard storage and make it look less cluttered downstairs.

Also loving the base defense that Quick has been doing. I desperately need to level up my character so will be looking to do a bit more of that before the journey up north.


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It would be great if you could attach the warehouse to the Main Base from the rear where Shilka had his Throne Room previously.

The entire idea was if we were attacked we could defend ourselves. If the resources were at another location we could simply be starved out of our home or bombarded until such time as we ran out of ammo.

...and yes I do understand this isn't PVE but that was the theory behind the building lol. I wanted a castle like structure (loosely based) without actually having to build a castle.

The other thing I was thinking is when we hit the Tundra North it would be cool if we created a little village instead of an 00ber building. This way we could all have our own houses and design them in whatever manner pleases us :)
Well I'm enjoying the designing and I haven't unlocked anywhere near everything, still only level 17! I love our little castle :D

Here's how it's coming along though...

I must say I really like the aesthetics of the building you've made so far, and the defendability of the outside. Unfortunately, when we checked today, it's not entirely structurally healthy XD Some of the second floor pieces are already down to 20% stability, so putting another floor on it will be hard if not impossible unless you either redesign the lower floors, or put pillars where you would not like them, so yeah, attaching a separate storage at the back might be the best option. You'll still need storage specific to the crafting area, but any other materials, and any overflow from the crafting area could be put in a general storage.

At the moment I'm just making and storing building materials, and made it up to level 10. For a proper storage I need to look into all the current available materials and their products, so I can design a sensible laid out storage which basically holds chests/cupboards for each separate base material, and separate manufactured products or groups of products. It also needs to be well defended, with double walls to prevent any 'grab through wall' action, yet still easy accessible for us from the main building. I'll see what I can come up with within the next couple of days (plus some building will help me level as well). I wouldn't mind some more (temporary) storage in the current building where everybody can dump there stuff so it can be sorted later into a new storage. Throwing stuff away, other then perhaps putrid meat should be avoided imho.

I love the village idea. Would be great to have like separate living spaces, but also some community spaces like a bar/restaurant, a community (overflow) storage where people can dump their surplus for the greater good. Would also be cool if people would have a building that represents their own specialization, like weapon smith, etc.

I will be specializing in building stuff again, but that does mean I won't be able to make any armor or weapons at all, and also that my majority of points will go into encumbrance, so I will be needing an escort to move between places safely too. I'll be very depending on the rest, and quite useless when it comes to combat support... Eventually I'll be able to move a house, but at the same time barely able to swing a toothpick at an


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I didn't even know you could check structural integrity or I would have insisted we not clog up the bottom floor with stuff prior to properly reinforcing it from the ground up-.

When I get on can you show me exactly how to check for this stuff because I want it structurally sound and will modify the design to fit if need be. As it is I've had to make some creative compromises so if that's what needs to be done then I'll figure out a way to do it.

It will kill me to have put all this time and effort into something half-assed. I want it to be structurally sound enough to add another 3 floors if I decide to.

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