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It seems there are a few of us having trouble connecting with other people on our Conan Exiles Server so this topic hopes to remedy that.

If you are looking for times that people are ingame please simply post here your general availability and then check back frequently.

Also, if you're unable to make a play session or looking for one outside your normal time window please post here as well.

My typical Conan Exiles play schedule is as follows:
  • Tuesday nights 8 PM EST (intermittent) - real life schedule dependent
  • Thursday nights 8 PM EST (intermittent) - sometimes play BF1 if Marc and Joe are around.
  • Saturday afternoons approx 1 or 2 PM EST - whenever I get tired (weekly)


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Nathan I'm sorry but I'll have to miss tonight's play session as well.

I'm completely swamped at work and will be staying extremely late tonight because of it.

I'm still in for Saturday though.


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I'm going into work for a short shift Saturday Mar 25 AM and to ensure everyone working Saturday has what they need.

It should't be more than a few hours so I'll be ready to play at my normal time approx. 2 PM EST.


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We left you in an absolutely terrible spot last night given your Level so if you want any chance of making it back home alive you may want to consider the route I'm about to suggest.

If anyone has any better ideas then please chime in but so far this is the best route I've seen in my two trips to this area.

If I can just try and inject something into your thought process is this, don't be the hero! Do not go looking for trouble because it will easily find you up here and you'll perish.

Both Nejtun and I were well prepared when we came up here yet spent hours trying to get back together and salvage gear after I was owned by a combination of humans and Cobras.

Also, ONLY carry what you absolutely have to. Anything extra will add weight and drain your stamina quicker. Only sprint when you have to and only dodge if clearly lifesaving. The rest of the time the default jog will get you where you need to go without draining stamina.


Right now you're located at around grid latitude 3, longitude C.5 and you want to get East to 2.5, I (roughly).

First off, I'd take the first full day and just water up, make some bedrolls and cook 8 or 10 stacks of food from the lower level "Big Pappas" or "Angry Birds" in the area. You know the ones, they are big green lumbering beasts with some plate on their backs, neck and top of head if I remember correctly.

Even though there's probably food still in the fire, it's quite likely it will turn soon and I'd hate to see you in this position with a quickly spoiling food supply.

Remember though, if you're starving and at full health you can eat spoiled meat to stave of starvation but only eat one at a time and keep an eye on your health. Your hunger bar can get near 0 before you start losing health so if you're desperate you can go quite literally forever eating raw or spoiled meat if currently at full health.

Stay well clear of the city walls and don't go near the water unless you're clear of Rhinos.

Once you've spent the day preparing, spend the night and leave in the morning.

Head near direct west from the camp location. If you're going to add a direction, add north but only a slight amount. DO NOT head south. South is a dead end, the map ends at the city wall and there is nowhere else to go except in the city which you do not want want to do.

Keep an eye out for large scorpions as there may be a few in the area but if you take your time and play smart you can probably get past them without agro.

Whenever possible work in a northwesterly direction as you're trying to get to the "Matrix Wall". You can pretty much follow it a good portion of the way north which should see you eventually past the tundra area and camping where the 3 of us were last night, near the 00ber ruins.

This will see you off map north by northwest which is a good thing.

Keep an eye out for Hyenas as they are quite literally everywhere. I've nearly stepped on one because it was lying in the grass so go easy.

I also cannot tell you how many times a bl00dy Hyena attacked me as I was already engaged in battle. Both them and Angry Birds seem to like getting in on the fun sometimes so keep that in mind.

I'm not sure if you're leveled enough to build a campfire but if you are, gather sticks and stones to build one. I should have left one behind for you but didn't think of it until now, sorry.

Keep an eye on shadows and the suns position as you don't want to be caught out in the middle of nowhere after dark. If possible, DO NOT light a torch as I know for a fact some creatures are attracted to them.

If you do get caught out at night, find a big rock and stand on it. I once had one of the large bugs try to get to me but he couldn't simply because the rock was too high for him to kill me.

Stay as west as possible and go north as possible. Scan the horizon as the border is lined with chess pieces that mark the outer rim of this map. Remember the norther trails we were on that were cool but completely deserted, they're perfect. You may come across a bug but if you go easy you may be able to miss the one or two that may be around.

Just remember, all these animals seem to have a method to their patrols so if you have to wait for them to head in the other direction then please do so.

The other thing to keep in mind is it's always best to attack (if you have to) from behind. Most animals are very slow to face you so you will get 2 or 3 quick attacks before they have a chance to fight back.

This can oft be the difference between life and death.

When it White Rhino territory avoid them like the plague. Remember how hard it was to cheese that one last night, don't even try lol.

Once you get to the pass approx. 2.5, I you will have to face the "Rock Pappas" and they're tough. There are somewhere between 3 - 6 of them guarding that pass so if you have to face one, retreat and fully heal before facing another.

Remember, if you can cheese them by putting rocks between you and their horns then all the better. Peek out, take a stab and get back behind cover.

Before you push on ensure you've healed up as fully as possible.

...and remember, keep a close eye on your stamina. You may likely end up in a position where you cannot win the fight so running is your only option.

Once you're clear of the pass it's cake to get home however we did see a bug near camp last night so keep your head on a swivel.

I'm sure you know where home is, it's the exclamation mark at 3, L.5.

Good luck!


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Also, if you're willing to wait until after #PracticePals tonight (Wednesday) or BF1 tomorrow I can come and help you get out of there.

I just need to ammo up first and make my way there. My guess is that I can be back at your location in no more than 20 - 30 minutes.

Then we can just beeline it home which shouldn't take any time at all with 2 of us.
Don't worry I made it home. Died once, about halfway, forgot about the bugs poison and bit it. Ran all the way back to my corpse and had to take out two hyenas while my twig and berries were swinging in the wind. Recovered my stuff just in time to stave off death by thirst. Ran out of food and ate some raw meat to make sure I could make it. About a minute after eating the meat and succumbing to food poisoning. I crest a rise and there stands our beloved mansion.
Hey Barbarian mates :) I won't be able to make it into the land of slaughter tonight ( Tuesday 4th April) as I have to be out very early in the morning, so apologies in advance.

If you need anything that I can make then let me know below and I shall check it as soon as I get back in the morning and fix that up for you.

8pm EST is a bit tricky for me during the week during the summer months as it is 1 am and my very few but annoyingly important commitments ( yes I do have to do things IRL lol) generally happen before 9am. The Thursday Conan days are a little easier and the Saturday ones are not usually an issue :)

@Duke there are 1700 Arrows in the box upstairs and more in the carpenters bench, you ought not to run out :p

@Jes_971 add me on steam ( Nejtun) so you can see when I am in game if you need anything made.

we don't need any more hides for the moment mates :p but some bark to turn them all into leather wouldn't go amiss ;) Hopefully catch you guys on Thursday night.


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No more hides, now what do I do with myself? Every single trip I come back with as many hides as I do sticks lol.

Are you going to be around tonight Jes because if not there's other stuff I can do?
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