Crusader Kings 2: Game of Thrones mod

I don't know if anyone here plays CK2. If you don't, check it out. It's a fun game and, in my opinion, far better designed than Paradox's Europa Universalis IV. However, there is ALSO a mod for Game of Thrones where the map is replaced with Westeros and Essos, and you can pretty much play....anything you like. You can start your game before the invasion of Westeros by Aegon the Conqueror, or you can play any of the events leading up to and including those in the books.

At the moment, I'm playing as Danaerys and am burning slavers with my dragons, while conquering the area around Mereen. My goal is twofold:

1. Conquer enough cities and areas to set up my own new nobility, replacing the old slavers. Then start intermarrying them with Westerosi lords and building alliances there.

2. Take enough ports to raise a fleet and sail to Westeros with my dragons, and finally freaking take the Iron Throne back. Maybe marry Jon Snow, if I can convince him to come down off the Wall.

Another tempting playthru is to play as Jon Snow himself, and become the Warden of the North under Stannis (who will probably lose anyway), and later either King in the North or possibly even the Iron Throne itself.

If you do run the mod, you have to run in compatibility mode under 2.2.1 for CK2, but it's definitely worth taking a look at if you're a fan of these kinds of games, and especially if you're a Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire fan.
I absolutely love CK2. I've not played with any of the mods except one that expands the game a bit (just adds some traits and whatnot). Great game, very challenging.

As for GOT mods, I prefer A Clash of Kings for Mount and Blade. Ever played that? That is a lot of fun and the mod is continuously growing.
I've been playing a lot of EU4 a lot these past few weeks. Haven't tried CK2 though.
I REALLY need to get into EU4. I believe we discussed this in another post, I love the time period much more in EU4 but CK2 is really really great. Fun, very challenging game mechanics.
#6 my opinion, EU4 is fairly crappy.

It's very much just a computerized board game, and the game mechanics are ENTIRELY designed around multiplayer sessions that the devs have with each other. The end result is that design is always being shifted in a way that is supposed to close some loophole or perceived "cheap play" or "exploit" that someone did in a dev-internal-multiplayer session, but which basically ruins the single player experience.

I gave up on EU4 and won't be buying another EU product at this point. CK2 is good, tough, and I've heard that Victoria II is good as well.

I'll put it this way. In EU3, game mechanics seemed to be an attempt to abstract the real world in such a way that you got an abstracted experience of trying to run a nation and empire from the late Middle Ages up through the Enlightenment. In EU4, game mechanics were designed to respond to other game mechanics, which were designed to create a particular level playing field in multiplayer, and only after that were considerations given towards actually representing how the real world works even in an abstract fashion.
Minor Updates:

- I gave up on one playthru I was playing as Littlefinger. I decided next time that I'll use the same tactics, but will document it a bit better so I can do an AAR. At times, Littlefinger can be a bit dull of a lord to play, since he doesn't actually have a ton of vassals to manage, but the intrigue stuff can be fun. In my last game, I had him marry Sansa, fight a war with the Boltons for her claim on the Lord Paramountcy of the North, won the war, then had him help Sansa slowly strip the Boltons of their lands and retake Winterfell. The goal was to have Littlefinger and Sansa's son eventually rule both the North and the Riverlands...but the damn son kept dying before he could inherit anything! Ah well. Maybe next time I'll have better luck.

- My current game began as playing Rhaegar Targaeryen about 10-15 years before Robert's rebellion against the throne. In this game, he married Lyanna Stark (to whom Robert was never betrothed), and they've so far had three sons that are gradually being educated by me. Many of the major players from the books now sit as my council members, and the realm is at peace. No rebellion ever happened. I've had problems with the High Septon, though, who refuses to coronate me...because he's a prick. I'm currently working to build favorable ties with his expected successor. Meanwhile, Rhaegar's firstborn son Baelor is shaping up to be an interesting character.

It's fun to play with the alternate history, but I think my next playthru will be as either Dany or as Jon Snow. I'd play as Tyrion, but he's just a courtier and has no lands, sadly. If I could play as him, though, it'd be to exact terrible vengeance on Cersei, and see himself ruling the Lannister lands. Not sure how feasible that is, though...
If you want to try a multiplayer game of this I'd love to try it. I've never played this multiplayer so I'm not sure how well it works.
Honestly, I actually prefer to play these games single-player. I have enough of a tricky time with the SP game as it is. :lol:

In other news, Rhaegar "The Truthful" Targaeryan is dead. Long live Baelor II Targaeryan!

Rhaegar ended up being kind of a dull king to play, with only a handful of minor revolts against him. I spent more time managing my multitude of children, and less time dealing with anything like warfare or intrigue. The one really cool thing I did was to have him go on a quest to get a Valyrian sword, which wound up with him coming home with Blackfyre! So, the Targaeryans now have a Valyrian sword. I think Baelor will focus more on dragons.

One weird thing I've encountered -- and I can't remember if this is in the base game or not -- is that after Rhaegar died, he "lost" all his money and his son only had, like, 145 gold to his name (having been Lord of the rather poor-earning Dragonstone). Rhaegar should have left Baelor about 900 gold, so I'm debating rolling back to a save where Rhaegar's alive, and seeing if maybe I can't just GIVE Baelor all the gold shortly before he dies or something. Seems odd that all your cash would evaporate. I mean, it's not like he's paying estate taxes...
I like playing most games single player myself, especially any strategy games. But something about this game makes me think it would be pretty fun. I have trouble resisting doing rollbacks sometimes, but it makes for a better experience.

I've never had trouble with inheritance like that, so I'm not sure what the issue is.
I figured it out. Apparently, your gold is divided evenly among your children. So, if you have a lot of kids, you divvy up a lot of gold among them.

I'm actually unsure of how well this would play as a multiplayer game -- this mod specifically, that is. I prefer to play this as an "alternate history" mod or to play out the events of the books the way I want to play them. I treat it more as a "world builder" than as a competitive game.

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