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In preparation of the upcoming 0.49 build, which will bring item persistence, but also weather effects, in other words the weather having influence on your characters well being, so I started looking for some info on the latter. I came across two excellent guides, based on the experimental version of 0.49, explaining hyper- and hypothermia. Looks like we'll be in for some micromanaging fun when it comes to wearing clothing. Keep in mind though that in the experimental build, the speed at which you reach hyper/hopthermia was increased for testing purposes, so in a stable build you'll have to do less managing in this areas then in experimental.




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Great thread Shilka and some pretty interesting information in there to be sure.

It will be really challenging to come in as a new spawn with nothing if you happen to spawn in the rain as I have a few times now. It could be you get quite cold quite fast if you're not careful.

It's too bad that running doesn't increase body temperature but I guess I can understand that given how long a few zombies can chase a player. I still think that value needs to be addressed slightly because zombies can chase you forever even after they've lost line of sight.

A new tips video about the latest stable build, discussing the most important changes, including some surprising facts and tips;

With 0.50 released for stable, here's some info about what to do with those tomato seeds:

Here's a good summary on what's new in 0.50 . Some very usefull tips inhere too!

Good guide about wound infection; didn't even know it was in 0.50...

Since behicles are in the new stable build, here's a vid that comes in handy

Some more tips, some interesting and funny ones this time;



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My current project :)
Got the gun wrap and the head piece.
Now looking for more burlap strips as i've got more then enough netting :D

Love the fact that the weapon wrap works on most weapons and not just the mosin :D 101 looks beast!
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.59 Stable released just hours ago. They've had some setbacks the last 6 months, things taking longer than they figured but nonetheless things coming along quite well. I jumped on for a couple hours last night before the update and the game feels much smoother... not as much stutter it seems. Some nice additions in .59 and some real nice things coming, like this. I mean, this is just beautiful.


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