DCS huey movie short

Here it is, after hours of storyboarding, struggling with the DCS replay controls, editing and putting together a fitting soundtrack... my first DCS short. I'm hoping to do a small series of these showcasing helicopter, jet and propeller operations within the band of others community :cool:

We didn't carry out this op with a video in mind so it was an interesting challenge to piece together footage into what you see here. I went for a movie trailer style in this one

Thanks to @Nejtun , @Kinger and @Wapwap for being participants! Massive thanks to Nejtun for all his help in learning the ropes in DCS, it's so good now I put the effort in to learning it properly. Anyone else wanting to join in our little sorties are more than welcome, the more the merrier!

(As previously mentioned, 1000 P points are up for grabs if you can name the movie the soundbites originate from - no googling!)
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Your Marvel style intro is amazing, no idea how u did that or how much time it took but that is really impressive, i also really like the soundtrack.
I know of my own experience how much time goes into making videos, and that u need a good system to render it in high quality. So i say job well done, it will only get better if u keep doing it and gaining xp. Dont mind the twats ranting about resolution quality or colour correction, let them make their own video and we will see who is who.
I cant wait to be in one of these doing the perfect strafing run on a column of 8 fuel trucks or flying 1.5 meters above the waves in my Brutal Deluxe P-51. Keep up the good work man!

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