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I was laughing my ass off but i was muted because i had visitors and wanted to land my plane first. Deb and Nejtun where talking about landing... Are u landing Deb? Yes i am, said Deb...... but all i saw was a huge explosion right next to the runway.

Well, said Nejt ... That was closer then last time. Hahaaaaa


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:D:D:D:D That was fun, thanks you guys for all the coaching. Now that I can get it in the air, I need to figure out how to land without crashing :rolleyes: Gonna take another shot at it this afternoon after the Canada Grand Prix!
Are you in the F/A-18, Deb? Best practice is to work on flying "on speed" (140 knots), AOA (center yourself in the "E-bracket"), wheels down, flaps down. Dont touch the stick forward and backward, just control your nose up and down by wiggling the throttle forward and backwards about an inch. If the nose pitches forward, move your wiggle point forward and inch. If the nose goes up, move your wiggle point back.

It's boring, but wiggle practice helps at everything. Learning to wiggle the throttle matters in landing, formation flying, and refueling. Once you get that down, landing becomes a piece of cake! (Formation flying and refueling will continue to be a mo-fo though...)
Godammit ok now you're making me want to join in DCS again...

@Jeeve79 who do I have to sleep with to get a Tomcat skin?

I like white as primary and metallic blue as secondary, pilot name is Dirk "little P" Diggler and my co-pilot is called Nick "Goose" Bradshaw <3

You da MVP!


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So i bought the Ka-50 some time ago, Nejtun went through the basics with me and then forgot about it because of ... reasons (F-14). Today got back in with Nejtun to test his skin and we decided to take it for a spin. Some easy mission where AI seemed to not shoot back at us.

We took off and immediately felt like i was not fully in control of the damn thing. Made it to the target area and destroyed some stuff before we got shot down but I ejected.
Then with my cloaking suit on, I walked up to the culprit to use some harsh language on it.
But the fucker did not care and kept swinging his turret around to track a respawned Nejtun in his Huey, who decided that enough was enough and went all in on the strafing run.




Some nice fireworks and sparkly effects but not much more then that. In general, not a good idea.
I called out to Nejtun that he was getting shot but he was like, nooo, its not.... oh yes it is.
Few seconds later, the Huey was in pieces, 10 meters in front of the tank.
Nausea turned into unconsciousness, which resulted into imminent death.

That did not stop the tank form ceasing fire though, it was like -imma F U Up bro!, check out my badass gun!- So it proceeded to fire everything, including its main gun. U can figure out what happened next, it was not a good day for Nejt and his compadres onboard.


Tankshell Vs B2O Huey: 1 - 0

Rest in Pieces, Nejtun.
Lol :D , I almost had him! just a couple of thousand more bullets and he would have been a dead man....... Nice screen shots Jef, very brave of you to walk your guy in there and get so close to the action!

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