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Kicking this off with a link for the F14 interior that makes all the dials MUCH clearer, follow the read me inside for install instructions, as with most skins it 'should' go in c:/user files/your name/saved games/DCS world open beta/ not your main install on C;/ unless it says so in the read me!
Downloading that .rar file brought all of TS down until the DL was complete....
Although its always exciting downloading one of these and thinking "i'm ok i'm ok " until people start getting kicked then it is "shit shit shit shit , finish downloading already!" then you are the last one in TS all of a sudden, everyone gets back on and says " did you get kicked too ?"
"No, I..... yeeeeah , me too! what could have happened???"
Here is another much more visible F-14 cockpit mod, particularly suited to VR users, but everyone might find this more suitable than the one at the top of the thread. Probably a good idea to remove the old one first but I will let you know if it causes any conflicts.
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Tomcats are 130 mb each. The rest are a bit smaller. But yeah, in total i guess i did some gigs of skinfiles by now. If u like i can put everything i have so far in 1 rar file and upload it somewhere, just tell me what to do.

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