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Kicking this off with a link for the F14 interior that makes all the dials MUCH clearer, follow the read me inside for install instructions, as with most skins it 'should' go in c:/user files/your name/saved games/DCS world open beta/ not your main install on C;/ unless it says so in the read me!


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We also have a B2O skinpack on our TS server.
It's in one rar and everything goes in Saved games/Liveries instead of the DCS main folder.
It's got a readme included in the rar.

B2O Liveries latest.rar

// Updated 1/18/20
  1. Added A10C Nejt-Jeeve-EV
  2. Added updated Skywarp FA-18 Mike K.

// Updated 12/28/19

Now includes F16's: Jeeve, Nejt and EV(Temp)

//previous update:

Unlocked all the countries for each plane in the pack.
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Downloading that .rar file brought all of TS down until the DL was complete....
Although its always exciting downloading one of these and thinking "i'm ok i'm ok " until people start getting kicked then it is "shit shit shit shit , finish downloading already!" then you are the last one in TS all of a sudden, everyone gets back on and says " did you get kicked too ?"
"No, I..... yeeeeah , me too! what could have happened???"
Here is another much more visible F-14 cockpit mod, particularly suited to VR users, but everyone might find this more suitable than the one at the top of the thread. Probably a good idea to remove the old one first but I will let you know if it causes any conflicts.
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Tomcats are 130 mb each. The rest are a bit smaller. But yeah, in total i guess i did some gigs of skinfiles by now. If u like i can put everything i have so far in 1 rar file and upload it somewhere, just tell me what to do.

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