DCS Skins and Mods

Yeah, I had a feeling you would like a realistic look, but I had to personalise it somehow.
The one below is how a Spitfire would look when realism is not a priority. I based it on real Reno planes and RC race planes.
This is the one I was working on while you where streaming Death Stranding and Mike gave me the name for it.
One of a kind 1.jpg

One of a kind 7.jpg

It is on the DCS website for those who are interested.
omg Jef! Stop! lol, actually don't yet :D these paints are awesome.
I made a new zip file for all the paints so far, except the ones that have to be placed in the main DCS folder. we can have a separate post for these.
Meanwhile though you can get the current paints for almost everyone's planes and helis Download Here from google drive
@Kenadian I tagged you so you can't say I didn't remember! :D
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None of the skins have to be placed in the main folder. I have all mine in the "savedgames/dcs" folders, even when i deleted DCS for a bit the skins remained there so i didn't have to bother reinstalling them next time i installed DCS.

The amount of work Jeeve has put into this is insane, kudos!
Found one so far, the Mirage! had to go deep in the core folders section as it didn't want to work anywhere else, but one or two manually applied are not bad.


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Then there's an error in the config file within the livery.

If i place liveries in: C:\Users\Quicksilver\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\M-2000C\
they show up as intended, however when i start messing with the desc file they don't. If you get a chance, upload it and i'll try fixing it.

You might want to keep the first post updated as well with the latest download. I think it still links to one of the older packs i previously made.
I used the B2O Gdrive for it so all i had to do is overwrite the older file and it would count as an update, not having to change the links to the latest pack each time you add something saves you from quite some work with the rate that Jeff is blurting out liveries xD


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I wouldn't stick too much on the TS server as it might not survive for much longer.
The sponsorship has ended and i don't feel like paying 60 eypos for just a TS server. (I've been paying that monthly for a while now and the usage of he machine doesn't justify the 60 euros.)
I found out how to make googledrive give permission for the download automatically. So it should not be a problem any more, it only took like years before someone told me they don't have permission. Djeez. Because Discord is limited to 10mb filesizes so I will have to upload to googledrive in the future.


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I had no issues downloading from your G-drive a while ago.
Anyway, yeah you have to make the link public so that "Anyone with the link can see and download"

I've also been looking around for server prices but i can get a ryzen 5 server with 64GB memory for around 40$ a month. Beats our Xeon 4 core with 8gb ram for 60 euros by miles.

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