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Thanks man love the colours too :) I imagine these would look good in formation eh ;)

One request though, could I have my name like Quicksilvers plane, with the band of others logo where my name currently is, and remove the shell logo? Thanks dude. Only if you have time, I didn't even know you were doing these lol. And only if you have a chance a darker blue would be awesome. But only if you have time.
Jeeve that looks incredible. Thanks! How do I get this on my plane then? :confused:

If I was to be really picky I would ask for the Razer logo to be changed to the new Corsair one as I have all Corsair equipment or Republic of Gamers as I have that too but I'm not going to ask that ;)

Love the colour it's perfect :)
oh i can do that no problem i have the psd files still so its just a liitle copy paste
corsair is also on the outside of the landing gear, u will have to look at it from below or on the runway, i am sure u will hehe :)

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So, that skin pack for the Mustang is for all the skins, correct? Just making sure!

Also, as I've not flown the P51 in quite a long time, is there a need for me to re-install it or should I just use the free version? I'm guessing there is no difference in startup procedures between the TF and P51? Only difference being that one is a fighter aircraft and the other isn't?

Again nice work Jeeve. Its always appreciated when people use their free time to do things like this. ;)

You are welcome, it always good fun to give something back to the community and make people happy.
Also photoshop is a good excuse to listen to music and waste time doing stuff i like.
This pack is for all of us B2O flying the free Mustang TF-51 D. I think it will also fit the P-51.
To fly it ingame, u will need it set up in the mission.
To do so, goto mission editor and follow the screenshot i made.


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Your work actually might've pulled Mosquito(my neighbour and member of our previous community) and some more back into flight sims.

Great work Jeeve! Can't wait to do a B2O formation now :)

So i guess with Doc's schedule tonight is the night ;-)
I had to think about that for a moment. I guess your tonight is my tomorrow....LOL

Yes, I'll try to be around the same time as last weekend. I want to say that was around 5pm my time (MDT), not 100% sure but fairly certain it was late afternoon/early evening for me.
I also have em rdy in a mission we can all fly freely, no stress. Longer runway this time, less wind hihi
Let me know on Steam or TS when u guys are rdy.
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