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So , while we were iRacing yesterday the subject of DCS popped up and it appears a lot more people play this very nice sim than I imagined so I would like to start a bit of a discussion for this title as it really shines when you play with a bunch of friends.

Download the DCS world BETA here. (Recommended)

Download the Stable release version here (don't do it, get the BETA)

Or get it from steam, however for those that know iRacing, this is ten times more of a pain in the ass than buying iRacing from steam instead of from the website.

***Disclaimer*** I am far FAR from being an expert on this sim, but I do know enough to get a great deal of enjoyment out of it so I am happy for anyone to correct any mistakes I make or offer up advice.

That being said, DCS is a very easy title to get into all that is really required is at minimum a joystick but preferably a HOTAS or you can go the whole hog (pun totally intended) and get the extra rudder pedals and button boxes, but joystick with keyboard alone will do the job.

Some kind of head tracking will make life easier and be more immersive, triples montiors are not required but will probably make life easier depending on what you are used to, VR is incredible for this title but whatever you have will do. Personally I would use a single monitor with no head tracking and still thoroughly enjoy it.

First of all you need the software, someone will have to confirm this for me but the steam version and the DCS version **I THINK** need to match to play together but I think there are ways around this without too much messing about.

The stand-alone version from the DCS website is of course the most up to date version/s,
There are 2 versions available:
  • The stable version, this has all the updates that Eagle Dynamics (ED) are happy with, everything should work the way they want it to. People who play this version are normally running a server with an ongoing or dynamic mission on that is complete and requires no changes.

  • The BETA version, most people run this. The BETA has all the latest content, including maps aircraft and graphical fixes/updates to name but a few. It is a few version numbers ahead of the stable version and only when ED are happy with the new parts working do they push to the stable version. This means the BETA is patched almost weekly with the latest fixes and updates where as the stable normally gets patched monthly-ish.
Somebody would have to let me know how that works with steam as I don't have that version to try it out. you can run both clients on your PC from the DCS site, once again though, I am not sure how the steam version deals with that.

Bottom line on this is **Get the ED version from their website if you are thinking of trying it out**

Did I mention it is free for the sim itself ? no? Its free, it comes with 2 planes, a training version of the P51-D mustang ( it can't be armed in the packaged missions but not sure if you can put weapons on it on player built missions )
It also comes with a SU-25 Jet which can be armed and gives a new comer some idea of what the sim is about.

If you haven't played DCS in 2018 then you will see the graphics engine has had a major overhaul. its very nice but quite CPU intensive, the sim also MUST be installed on at least an SSD unless you hate yourself and want computer lag for days.
Sorry to "2 Part" This opening post but the forum killed my post near the end so I had to cut off the last three paragraphs and post them separately

The best thing about this title for me is the huge amount of player created content, you can download missions (single player and multiplayer and co-op) directly from the website. You can host your own server and set your own rules.

There is far more to DCS than I have outlined here but I will leave that to the veterans to fill in, I would very much like to play this with a bunch of people (the single player version has enough to keep anybody going too though!)

Lastly, I would like to tag a few people to catch this discussion if i know you have a HOTAS or Play DCS already then you are mentioned @Kenadian @Skid_Marc_ @ElektroVodka @JMart @Kinger @little P @Brainling.


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@Jeeve79 was also playing DCS with us a couple patches back.

I'm deffo up for firing it up again, i used to check the builds once in a while but never took the time to master anything lately.
Wonder if we could make this a regular thing with a B2O Squadron.
Yup! I think there are a couple of other people as well so apologies if I missed anybody but I was panicking when my post kept erroring!

Would love this to be a regular thing, Dog fighting for me gets old kinda fast in the jets as you can shoot people from 20 miles away, not so bad in the warbirds. the co-op missions seem to have the most and varied combat /roles though so all modules can be used together


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I think basic controls and flying might be something to start with for most of us as i am pretty sure it's been a while since we flew.
Mostly i just join an aerobatic server and then practice alongside the tanker planes or others that want to fly somewhat in formation.

The forum error thingy, was it the one we all get once in a while?
I could definitely be down for some of this. I'm not skilled enough to blow stuff up on the regular when it comes to missions (without dying myself), but as Nejt mentions, when you fly with others it can be a hell of a lot of fun.
Yeah I'm up for flying again, it's been a while so I would have to re learn a lot but i'll make a start on my own to get ready for some flight time together. I enjoyed flying formation with Elektro and Jeeve way back when
Hmm. I could have sworn I had flaming cliffs 3, in fact, I'm positive as I have screenshots flying with Elektro and Jeeve in an F-15. I get a bit confused by DCS's system, I have retrieved my password and user id on their site but can't find how to download the content. Do I just re-download the client and log in and the module downloads in-sim? I'm guessing that's the case but want to make sure before I waste all that time downloading.
IM going to be in a helicoptor or A10 probably , i might jump in the harrier or F18 depending on who wants to do what, if it is warbirds you have in mind then I will grab the mustang

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