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First of all, Thanks @Kenadian for opening this new sub-forum!
It is nice to have a dedicated space for our rallying endeavours!

Lets try to keep each thread on topic if possible :)
I shall kick this one off with a short list of people I know who are playing and keeping a record of dirt rally 1 or 2 so you can go straight to the footage. If I miss you please PM me with a link to where your videos or broadcasts are so I can add you to the list.

Nejtun Cameron on Twitch and on Youtube
Marc Gammack on Twitch
Noel lundburg on Youtube
Trueracing on Twitch

If people do put videos up and you enjoy them then please subscribe on YouTube or Follow on Twitch so you can keep track of current and future video releases :)
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After doing both a tes ton twitch and on YouTube, recording Dirt Rally 2 in VR gives me personally a much nicer production than streaming. I am going to try to record and stream at some point at the same time to see if I can get either the best of both worlds ( or just blow my pc to pieces)
Here is Career mode from the off (link to follow for the playlist of this series once I have more than one video for it :D)

First up: Monte Carlo!
lots of sliding about in the snow.
I chose a 1980 Ford Escort RS2000 for this Career.

Here are my recordings of B2O event 3: New England. There may be a few roll-overs here and there, jumps are tricky. Otherwise happy with my times though.

By the way, good luck on stage 4; no grip and you can't see anything :D

New Zealand for the second championship! Stage 1-4 Below | Ford Fiesta R2 Front Wheel Drive.
Still no idea how to link a twitch video here , so I had to put in place holders for the pictures! Click the stage to see each one on twitch! :)


Stage 3 master.jpg

stage 4 jpg.jpg

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