Do you own ArmA3 Apex?


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Just curious if everyone here owns Apex and whether or not you've spent some time on the jungle Island of Tanoa?

The reason I ask is in trying to familiarize myself with the Eden Editor I'm piecing together a small Multi-Player Sector Control Mission.

Basically there are a few Zones you need to capture and hold in order to win the match. This means the only way to win is Teamwork.

Currently there's only 2 Zones in the middle where forces collide equidistant from offset Teams, and AI, spawn points.

Also, Blufor/Opfor forces are in the area and small skirmishes abound so you'll need to be wary of their presence as they are immediately hostile to your character. They are also programmed to Seek and Destroy on all Sectors so they will challenge your bid to hold each Sector, forcing you from cover.

I really don't know when this Mission will be complete but before I go further I'd like to know if maybe relocating it to Altis or Stratis may be a better idea so more people can play test it.


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I own it. I'm not sure exactly what is different about Tonoa, but all of Arma3's controls seam a lot more tight. Maybe it is the "Apex" part of the mod, but I've never been on another map and had the controls be quite as fluid. The aiming feels more precise and the weapon control is tighter. Even Malden doesn't feel as smooth, and it is 'newer', even though it looks like Altis and Stratis. Frustrating, as I miss these changes on the other maps, and I don't understand why it is different.


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Malden is actually the oldest map of them all (technically). This new version of Malden is re-imagined from Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, the game that started it all.
First of all @Nejtun those cookies were not meant for the steering wheel, he stole them from me. They were my cookies ffs.
And yes, i do own apex :p

@Duke i'm glad you're playing arma again. I love arma and would love to play together as a team with B2O.
I personally dislike tanoa but i would honestly play anything together in arma.
May i ask for an update on this project? I'd still love to play some arma with B2O.

I've done some zeus with my friends and it was awesome. Maybe that is also an option?


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I have the Sector Control Module working in testing but have not had a chance yet to try it in a hosted environment.

I also have to setup a respawn module and counter system but I don't anticipate that will take long.

Essentially we can test player on player Sector Control but the AI element is nowhere near complete at this time and will likely be absent should we decide to play this soon. Having said that I may be able to Trigger an event spawning offsetting AI into the zone upon Sector Control but I'll have to test and see.

Right now this would make the best sense to get AI into this mission while upping the difficulty and entertainment value.

Assuming I can get the AI to work as intended you'll not be able to move an inch safely. Hopefully this mechanic encourages Teamplay as Rogues will be far less successful.

There are 3 Sectors to control and given the proximity of said Secors there is a lot of crossover so we can probably get away with a minimum of 6 Players (3 OPFOR + 3 BLUFOR).


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Just a small update of what's happening with this Mission.

All Sectors have been finalized and I think will provide for some excellent fighting not just for each Sector but between Sectors as well.

Sectors as follows:

Sector 1: Hill


Sector 2: Boat House


Sector 3: Pond


Sector 4: Wrecks


Given the close proximity of Respawn Points there is an opportunity for one Team to get the upperhand and Spawn Camp the opposing Team.

For this reason I've also integrated some Spawn Camping discouragement.


Still working on populating the map to give it a lived in feel.

Also working on offset AI respawn system.


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Managed to get offset AI working today as well which certainly adds an overall sense of unease to the gameplay.

They're dumb as hell and easy to beat but 2 of 'em hitting you from different angles can be brutal.

It'll certainly be interesting to see how this all plays out with a few of you online.


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The scenario is meant to offset itself in such a way that AI can actually fight for control of all the capture points without a Player ever intervening.

Of course it's ArmA AI so they're kinda stupid much of the time then instantly OP for reasons I'll never comprehend. Ultimately their purpose is to add a sense of tension and immersion to the mode so the Player never experiences boredom or downtime.

Given this makeup there really is no need for a Zeus operator to get involved so to answer your question I think it's best to say it does not suit Zeus.
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