Does anyone have an RTX card and want a free copy of COD:MW?

I got the game with my 2060 but I cannot play such games anymore. So I want to give it away, but it can only be redeemed if you have an RTX card.
Additionally, I read that the code expires on the 18th, but I haven't found a way to confirm this yet.

And hi everyone


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I'm good buds, thanks for asking.

I'll sit on for today and see if anyone else responds, if not, I'll give it away by Wednesday (hopefully).
Hello, I was just searching the net for a free code (just in case) because I was going to buy it on Christmas or sooner.
If you think you could give it to me as petty as it sounds, I would appreciate it.
just in case I have an rtx2080.
If you bought your card before November 18 you should have gotten a code with it. If you didn't you should take it up with your retailer.

I sent my code to Ken so you guys need to talk to him now.

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