DOOM VFR (vr doom :p)

Hey all,
Doom released today for the Vive in VR ofc, A friend wanted to watch it and stream wont broadcast it for some reason so I fired up OBS.

It took a couple of tries to get the bitrate right and shiz (cos i am an obs noob :p) but it seemed to work out ok.

I still need to put little p's home made pop filter on so i dont sound like a asthmatic crack user but it isn't too bad, here is the video of the first (failed at the first serious mob) play through, but i will use the excuse that it was midnight when I first fired it up .

for anyone that doesn't use VR it looks like an FPS, for anyone that does use VR you will know what it is like to actually "be there"

Just an example of wehat the new wave of VR titles can do. This game is by Bethesda who are probably one of the first companies to do a game "just" for VR (Elite dangerous is a whole other thing) in two weeks time they release Fallout 4 VR which I was in two minds about as it is a $60 game , but now I am just going to get it on release.

I will let the Video tell you about the game, might try to do another one after I have had a bit of practice ;)

please excuse the sections where I am adjust ting the settings as it tabs out to my desktop , but after a couple of tries it is mostly smooth sailing, the sound issues from using my stick mic are sorted about halfway through so either skip forward or just bear with it ;)

Here it is DOOM VFR First look
When I was watching you and you said "I got this" before being set upon by god knows how many hell demons at once I actually chuckled out loud, you did great for a first play though, and like I said before, the stream was excellent quality. Nice one!

I'll be getting Fallout 4 VR too, really looking forward to that one.

I'd like to see more VR streams and would definitely tune in to yours before others mate.
It really is great fun P and far better than I was expecting, couple of bugs here and there but nothing that cannot be played around or that cannot be patched out! Wore me out a bit but I am expecting a good few hours out of this title.

Watched the Vod back myself afterwards and was quite surprised that the quality was good as I had the output at 720p but with a pretty high bitrate (4500), quite pleased with the result although if i were to do it again I would have to figure out some way to put stream chat on my wrist so I can move about with it rather than just floating in one spot ;)

As always though the video really doesn't give the full immersion of VR but it is quite a good indication of what the player is going through. I also managed to put a pop filter on my vive so next time it might be a bit clearer audio wise ;)

Thanks for stopping by the stream btw :) Glad you enjoyed it! I will give Falllout 4 a quick test stream as well on release day so feel free to swing by ;)
Will do mate, yeah the stream chat on the wrist thing is pretty cool. Any idea how you do it? Have you got past that bit in Doom VFR yet? ;)
Pretty sure you can anchor the screen from OVRdrop to a controller, going to check it out later, and no :) I have not yet had a chance to jump back into doom yet , I accidentally corked a bottle of wine so i had to decant it and drink it before it went off , which kinda threw VR out of the window :D
These Settings in OVRdrop give you a readable twitch chat window floating to the left of the controller that pops to a readable size when you look at it ;)
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