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In some extraordinary news, EA and Valve have partnered kicking off with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order available for pre-order today, releasing on Nov 15 on Steam.

EA Access will also be available on Steam starting Spring 2020 and is currently the only gaming subscription service available.

The remainder of EA's library will become available on Steam in the coming months.

Just wow...

Personally I think this could be a good thing as there would no longer be a need to have Origin (thank God).

Also, what if EA titles eventually took advantage of Steam Community and started offering mod support?

So what do you think of this Partnership?
Free mods for EA content you do not have to pay for? That will never happen.
Besides, with mods, games can go on for years, that is against EA policy. :)


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Free mods for EA content you do not have to pay for? That will never happen.
Besides, with mods, games can go on for years, that is against EA policy. :)
You used to be able to play EA games with mods back in the day. This was before they wanted to start running all multiplayer servers and release pretty much everything annually.

EA is greedy but they're far from stupid.

So long as they pander to shareholders and can find ways of monetizing I expect no conversation is off the table.

For all the flak they get apparently their Indie Developer Program is highly regarded. It's a much more amicable split with Dev's than the gouging Steam demands.

Having said that it must be happier times at EA right now given all the heat Bethesda and Epic are drawing.
yeah, agreed. Bethesda is digging a hole for itself, and their shareholders.
They have been caught with their lies so many times now, that it is becoming obvious.
It looks like gamers are finally starting to see that they can influence the quality of games by just not paying for crap any more.
I wonder if we can transfer our licenses from Origin across to Steam, that would be cool. I also wonder if this is some response to GOG galaxy and the clear trend of gamers wanting to get away from this fractured social gaming experience with multiple game launchers and friends lists.


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I wouldn't expect to see Origin disappear because they get all the profits rather than split with Steam.

I think this deal is simply EA realizing people like Steam better, have crunched the numbers and found that 80% of something (for example) is far more lucrative than 100% of nothing.

I'd expect Valve to get a hefty cut of all purchases on Steam including EA's subscription services.

...or maybe EA has Dice working on Source/Frostbite integration (Sourcebite) so they can finally make Half Life 3 :D

I mean, what a vehicle for l00t b0xes, err sorry, I meant "surprise mechanics".
I think i read somewhere that Valve/Steam takes 45 percent of the cut. But the platform has so many users that it must still be interesting for EA to get their games out there and still make a profit on top of Origin.

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