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As Band of Others are revamping our Elite: Dangerous program, I've decided to redo our Elite: Dangerous CMDR list!

First of all, I want to say a huge thanks to @Cpl. Punishment for his great work in creating the previous list! He had already included a "Goals" request which I hadn't realized previously. However, enough time has past, and the game has changed a bit, so I decided it would be easier to start over.

Everyone who posts their CMDR name in this thread will have their name and ships added to the top of this thread with a Hyperlink to their post(s) containing their ships. That way, we have a comprehensive CMDR/Ship list right at the top of the page!

Band of Others' CMDR / Fleet List:

Please post the following information;

  • CMDR Name
  • List of Ships
    • "Ship Name" [SHIPID] - Manufacture (ie. Core Dynamics), Ship (ie. Vulture)
  • Goal(s) in the Game (Ranks, Ships, Money, Allegiances, etc)
  • Favorite Occupation in the Game (Bounty Hunting, Trading, Mining, Pirating, etc)
  • Current Ranks (Federation, Alliance, Empire and Combat, Trading,
  • Preferred Faction
  • Preferred Power Play (Whether you're aligned with them or not)
  • Favorite System
  • Any other information you'd like to include about yourself
In order to keep things as tidy as possible, please;
  • Only include one picture of each of your ships in this thread!
  • Please only update your ships if you BUY/SELL a ship. We don't need a new post every time you upgrade/paint your ship!
  • If you do add a ship to your fleet, feel free to make a post, but only contain the ship information. You don't need to make an entirely new post, or re-list all of your ships, just because you added one to your fleet!

You can show off your ship's build/stats using CORIOLIS;
  • Make your build selecting your Core/Optional Components, Hardpoints, and Utilities
  • Save your build by naming and saving it in the top right corner.
  • Share your build by selecting link icon in the top right the "URL" or "Shortened URL" and hyperlink the picture or name of your ship!
    • Coriolis does not include Engineer-based upgrades, so be sure to list the modules you've upgraded through Engineer's.
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B2O ASPHOLE [SM-63A] - Lakon Spaceways, Asp Explorer

B2O COUNTERVAIL [SM-63B] - Saud Kruger, Beluga Liner

B2O IGNORAMOUS [SM-63V] - Core Dynamics, Vulture

Goals in the Game;
Mostly just to aimlessly represent Band of Others throughout the Galaxy, though one day I hope to get to Earth, and, in my dreams, I'd like to take Aisling Duval for a spin in my Beluga Liner!! Though, it might literally be a spin, and it might be the shortest ride she ever gets... I also want to see Edmund Mahon burned alive (@Kinger might be able to help me with this...) and his entire Alliance get ripped apart by the aliens they're selling their souls to!! (Minor propaganda, fyi)

Favorite Occupation in the Game;

Kill people, MOSTLY under legal circumstances. Also, terrorize all station traffic controllers and ANYONE related to Edmund Mahon.

Current Ranks;
Federation: Friendly / Ensign
Empire: Friendly / None
Alliance: UNFRIENDLY / None

Combat Rank: Master
Trade Rank: Merchant
Explorer Rank: Surveyor

Preffered Faction:
Federation due to their will to kill.

Preffered Power Play:

Aisling Duval, because she's my age and seems like a nice blue-haired girl. However I don't really follow her work ethic. I'd probably fit in a lot better with the Federation's Zachary Hudson!

Favorite System/Planet:
Ruchbah, specifically Ruchbah 4, because it is a lava planet with rings that looks partially-metallic and man-made like a "Shield World". It looks fantastic!



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CMDR Petr Whakov

Main Ship: (Phallick Symbol) Faulcon deLacy - Python

Ship #2: Zorgon Peterson - Fer De Lance

I'll edit this post later with my Python and Fer de Lance details.
CMDR Nejtun (obviously :p )

Main ship: NEJHEMOTH [NC-231] Gutamaya - Imperial Cutter


Ship #2: NEJ-DAZZLE [NC-231] Gutamaya - Imperial Clipper

Favorite Occupation in the Game;

Testing weapons!
I like visiting the Engineers (although langing some of these massive ships on the high grav planets can be a little hairy :D ) so I can try out the vast amount of modifications, my current favourite being the healing beam lasers!

Current Ranks;

Federation: Allied / Ensign
Empire: Allied / Duke
Alliance: Cordial
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CMDR Kinger111

Main ship: Infinite Possibilities - Cobra MK3
Ship #2: (No name yet) - Sidewinder

Favorite Occupation in the Game:
Keeping occupied escape pods in my ship cargo hold for days before eventually throwing them into a sun.


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CMDR ElektroVodka
Current operational boat: (HMS UPYERBUM) Faulcon deLazy - Python
boat 2: (Unnamed) - Sidewinder [Mothballed]
boat 3: (Unnamed) - Viper [Mothballed]

Favorite ingame Occupation :
Watching @Cpl. Punishment explain us how stardust and craters in asteroids are formed.
This all happens in a very graphical way and on a regular basis.
Closely after that follows watching his explanation of how stressful you get with 5 minutes oxygen left and no munny for insurance and with the closest station at 4 minutes away.


CURRENT SHIP: H.M.S. Limiting Factor

(based on the culture ship that transported Jernau Morat Gurgeh to the empire of Azad in the book "The player of games" which is one of my favourites)

The H.M.S. Limiting Factor is an engineered, fully A class Anaconda multi purpose ship currently outfitted for combat patrolling the HazRes site in Ruchbah. In the absence of any police force or military intervention, the H.M.S. Limiting Factor and her crew (including the excellently named fighter pilot Jeremiah "Horny" Horne) have taken it upon themselves to protect the vulnerable miners and innocent traders trying to carve out a living in this little corner of our galaxy.

After countless sorties, the good men and women of Ruchbah breathe a sigh of relief when they see the now familiar red and blue laser fire streaking through the vast blackness as it signals the arrival of the Limiting Factor and her unrelenting wrath should any pirate be foolish enough to wander within her sensor range.




Goals in the Game:

  1. "Serve the public trust"
  2. "Protect the innocent"
  3. "Uphold the law"
  4. (Classified)

Favorite Occupation in the Game:

Professional badass.

Current Ranks:

Federation: Friendly / Petty Officer
Empire: Friendly / Baron
Alliance: Neutral / None

Combat Rank: Competant
Trade Rank: Tycoon
Explorer Rank: Trailblazer

Preferred Faction:


Fond memories of days gone by in an Imperial Clipper (which in the old days took a LOT of hard work to obtain both the rank required in the Imperial Navy and the money to not only buy, but properly outfit a Clipper) fighting, trading and working my way up to an Anaconda.

Preferred Power Play:

None. Aquila Oculus bends the knee to no man or woman.

Favorite System/Planet:

Ruchbah - Ruchbah 4 as it seems to be where the B2O CMDR's have congregated. If you see us give us a wave CMDR.

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