Elite: Dangerous Screenshots

Elite: Dangerous is a beautiful game. Post some of your best screenshots here for everyone to admire...

Screenshot tips;

- If you are in solo play you can hit ALT + F10 to capture a high res screenshot. Just convert it to .jpeg from .png and the filesize will come right down to enable you to post here (may need resizing) or keep for your desktop background folder... High res screenshots are disabled in open play

- Hitting SHIFT + ALT + G will disable the HUD to help give a more cinematic look to your screenshots. Just repeat the combo to re-enable the HUD.

- You can disable "orbit lines" within the function menu to the right of your CMDR. This helps with screenshots if you do leave the HUD on, and can make some of the more busier systems a bit nicer to travel through if you are not exploring (they help identify celestial objects if exploring without an advanced discovery scanner).

- The Sidewinder is currently the best ship to take pre-determined screenshots from, closely followed by the Eagle. Why? If you pitch your ship 90 degrees down and then look up through the canopy you can get an almost unobstructed view of whatever you are trying to get a shot of. Combine this technique with turning off the HUD to get some stunning shots...
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Here's a few of my latest screens:

Managed to capure all 6 stars of the ICH IH-V b2-4 system in one shot:

Getting up close and personal to a tech trader:

Good advice from a Coriolis Station:
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Just having a quick go on the Beta of 1.1 due to be released soon and this was the first inhabited planet I came across. Absolutely stunning, it looks even better in-game... wow. I can't wait to land on planets :icon_cool:


(Click on image 3 times for full size image)
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In full darkness...


I got as close as I could in supercruise, I'm now coasting with normal propulsion to see how close I can get
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Oooh, I have some downloading to do, now, if I could only get rid of this headache :(
Thanks man, I posted these on the official forums and have had a lot of people say they have set one of the first two as their desktop :icon_redface:

Oh, and get well soon Shilka :)
Came across this station that was orbiting this supersmooth ringed planet, which had a supersmooth moon as well btw. Thought it looked pretty cool...



Later on in the trip I was about to leave a station when this Imperial Clipper so graciously came in for landing just in front of me.... then the station opened fire on it and it blew up in my face :icon_twisted: Scratched my paint too!


Took these with the new de-bug camera. This was just a quick few shots outside my home station, imagine the shots you could get with this...

Gawjammit this game is beautiful




Nice shots chaps. Yeah the debug camera really does show the size difference, it's easy to forget when you are in the cockpit view all the time.

Here's a couple of pics from last night when D.O.A., Quick and I met up to take part in the community goal in Lugh. Was great fun guys thankyou :)

Quick hiding from the system authorities...


The dream team (TM) assemble!

So with the 15m reward + 4m in bonds I made in Lugh I decided to mothball my beloved Clipper for a while, sell every high end components in her and buy a Lakon Type 9 heavy, I was thinking in this thing its easy to outfit my clipper once Again.

Now....the t9 is large....no huge...very very huge

On my way out of the letterbox I heard this weird scraping noice and i send out a drone to investigate.

This was the result. some poor small ASP had gotten in my way was was being draged along while I boosted out of the station.

lol nice Type - 9 Laursen, it's good for two things - hauling cargo and running over every other ship in the letterbox, beautifully illustrated here :icon_lol:

Love that picture of the Clipper too

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