Elite: Dangerous Screenshots

The Corvette is a damn nice ship, but then so is the Vulture...

Here's a few pics from my recent trip to sell my Vulture and pick up my Clipper from storage, buy a Sidewinder to trade in some bounty CR at an outpost then back to the Clipper to go land on my first planet. This game is just beautiful at times.







The Eagle has landed.


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Wow that's an awesome looking ship Laursen!

Really need to get in on it again, as the last time i actually played was when the community thing at Lugh was happening.
So I Tried to make my second ever youtube video of my ship leaving me all alone on this very alien planet.

Again i have never done stuff like this before (except that ..one time :p) :)

A friend And I was exploring a wreck of an Anaconda that the community found on Orrere 2B

Was an amazing experience ...

if anyone wants to go the Coordinates are:

Orrere 2 b

Had to change lightning a bit on last one so you can see the huge moon and the gas giant with rings....pitch Black on this side of the planet
I'm a trader and a merchant but also not that greedy :p shields saved my behind more times then I can count :p I never trade shield less

15m insurance +cargo no thanks

but your are very brave man sir :D

and you are very welcome

next we play together , want to explore with me in that baby?
I'm crazy, not brave xD

I'll happily join in some landings, a cutter wing needs to be made! However, I might take some shields for that. And avoid the Achenar challenge to begin with :p
“Transmission started, Location of Origin: Merope 5C Coordinates: -026.3496 -156.4044”
So yesterday I accidently heard a couple of my Sl....eh Trusted Employees talking while they where cleaning out the nacelles of my cutter for "moon" dust (this stuff gets everywhere as soon as I touch Down on planets!). So the subject of their talk was a rumor that a group of people in "The Cannon research Group" had found proof of alien life in the in the seven sisters. Now I know people usually think of these guys as paranoid crazy people wearing tin hats and the likes believing in "Intelligent alien life". But never the less the rumor peaked my interest. I used the next many hours diving into their community on the Galnet forum servers, I tell you most of what these guys write are insane theories that makes me think some of them has had too much Lavian brandy or gone space mad (it happens to the best of us) But the more I read into their theories and their experiments I started getting hooked. Maybe there is something out there, maybe Thargoid wars was NOT just an imaginative tale my parents used to scare me off deep space exploration (and..basically everything they wanted me to stay away from...which for an Imperial Royal family is a lot!). Then After hours and hours of digging I found it...a handful of people talking about how they found “Organic structures” on a moon in the Merope system. They even had coordinates for it! So I decided to fly to the Pleiades nebula once again and check out the coordinates. Nothing to lose..everything to win.

And guess what......I found it...I will never ...ever doubt those lunatics again! ...hmm Im sure I heard sound from the corridor going to one of the cargo holds...........................................”Transmission lost”

No they are static points of interests that you can find on the planets and coordinates I have supplied in the posts

you can get rare materials and cargo at both the conda but even more at the alien structures

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