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Nice, haven't been able to bring myself to do one of those super long trips yet!
Don't forget to claim a couple of planets in your name on the way back! :)
Wow, @JMart, very cool!!! I am enjoying this game way more than I thought I would. Just bought a Vulture and engineered it up for combat with help from @Ogami and @Jeeve79. I really like the combat aspect of this game and its quite profitable:D Traveling to engineers gets a little tedious. I think Im going to get an ASP Explorer to do more resource gathering. The game seems out of date in some aspects, some things are way more complicated then they need to be and not much in game assistance. If it wasn't for you guys, would have a lot of trouble figuring everything out. But the more I figure stuff out, the better I like the game. Now if they would just make it easier to buy ARX, GEEZ o_O @Ogami and I have been playing quite a bit, doing engineering and winged missions, if anyone else wants to play, please join us, we are making quite a bit of $$$ on winged missions :)
Great shots! I really really need to get back into this now I have the Quest and virtual desktop running native PC games in wireless on the Quest. The Vive never really had the resolution I wanted for a game like Elite. Plus my Anaconda is in dire need of a good run out... and no that's not a euphemism. I can't even remember how it's loaded out, I think I had it set up for trading although I'm not sure. The game would have changed so much since I last played it will feel like playing it for the first time again I reckon!

I'll try and get back into it next week and join up with you fine guys and gals one night soon :) I must remember not to run into big rocks though... smh :eek:



@little P you should totally join us and outfit for combat ;) We make a lot of $$$ but geez, we were getting swamped when we would go into Threat 4 combat zones. There would be 6 or 7 on us all at the same time. @Ogami Itto could stay in the fight most of the time in his Fer De Lance but I would end up having to jump out when my shields went down or get blown up, which happened a couple of times :eek: But that is not the end of the story . . . .

@Ogami Itto figured out how to engineer some of his laser beams to heal shields, so now when my shields get low, he shoots me and I heal up.:D:D:D Back in the fight and have made enough $$$ that I bought a Fer De Lance last night:cool: Engineering my multi-cannons and will take it out for some more combat today. I'm going to try to get some healing lasers as well, but it will take some time cuz you have to get black market stuff to unlock the engineer. Have to say the combat in this game is a blast!!!!!!!!! The engineering, big time sink :rolleyes:
Man you have re-ignited my enthusiasm for Elite, I remember being like you, was the only thing I played for a long time, I remember listening to the entire Daft Punk catalogue while going exploring in a maximum jump range Asp Explorer, I came back with millions and millions of credits worth of exploration data. And also back when getting a Clipper was a real hard thing to do, I was so proud to fly that thing around (until I flew it into a rock). I went Sidewinder > Eagle > Cobra MK III > Asp Explorer > Type 7 > Clipper > Type 9 > Anaconda. Fond memories that have all come flooding back. Looking forward to winging up with you all once I get my head round it again!
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I would love to get back into it, but after working from home I just can't bring myself to sit back down at the desk to play at night.
Deb, if you can do enough combat to buy a Type 7 or something similar you might want to consider doing some mining. It can be a bit tedious but you can also make a bunch of money VERY quickly depending on the materials mined.
Ok, we do make a lot of money in combat since we do the wing missions. Haven't tried mining yet but I am sure we will. I only have a Fer de Lance, Vulture and Asp right now and the Asp is my jump ship and used for gathering resources of the surface.
For those looking for optimal performance without sacrificing image quality, this video is very in depth about what all video settings do and how much they impact frames. Some interesting surprises here and there where you would expect an increase in quality but it looks the same as med or low, for example the jet cone quality.


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