Escape From Tarkov - B2O squads

So after some squad play Friday night that was absolutely epic I setup and got some recordings and stitched together a quick few highlights from the weekend.

I gotta play around with rendering settings as youtubes compression made it full potato. Hopefully the next one will look a bit crisper


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I've registered at the site and am considering purchase. If I do purchase is there any Edition of the game you recommend getting, Standard Edition vs Left Behind Edition, etc.?


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Well, i am upgrading to the EOD version soon.

Started with the standard version but after 3 rounds with IronDiggy and Ryn0 my starter inventory was full.
Also the secure container you get with EOD is larger than the default one so you can take more valuables with you without having to worry about losing them.
Standard edition is good enough to play, the only other edition I'd bother with is Edge of Dankness err Darkness for the little quality of life bonuses: huge stash and the 3x3 secure container (the only way you can get this container) and all the DLC launched after it goes live. None of the gear the game comes with really matters in the long run because it's not all that great.


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We have a channel on Discord with some handy info on it. I wish it was there before i started lol.
It can be quite the experience trying to wrap your head around it.
I bought Tarkov a little while ago, played it for about 20 minutes and then havent touched it again. I gotta try it out again.


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Edge of Darkness is $140, will not be buying that version unless it comes with a hot Russian Bride who won't leave me after she gets landed immigrant status. I've not been following the game long but haven't heard anything about DLC.

...and her Borscht needs to be orange. If it's beet red then that's a deal breaker, I hate bl00d soup.
I bought Tarkov a little while ago, played it for about 20 minutes and then havent touched it again. I gotta try it out again.
The game has come a long way since I started playing it a few months ago so you might notice quite a bit of improvement, and it sounds like they will have their next map ready for release in the next couple of weeks now.

There is a long learning curve and the movement and shooting will probably feel weird for a bit until you get accustomed to it.
New PC is built and working like a dream and no one was on last night to play so I ran a couple solo's and rolled a nat20 on loot holy shit people brought in some gear last night

Also hopefully the video quality is much better now.
After taking nearly 2 weeks off from EFT they patched it on Thursday which improved a lot of the network issues that were happening we ran some raids on the weekend and you could really feel the difference. There are more improvements to be had but the game feels playable again.

A few clips I actually remembered to save from yesterday with the b2o peeps in discord. There were many more but I keep forgetting to save them.


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