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Hello fellow truckers,

Since @Nejtun refuses to post this I thought I'd take the initiative :D

There's interest in getting together and running Convoy in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Apparently there can be up to 8 of us doing so but there are some requirements to get there of which I've no idea?

Hopefully someone can fill in the blanks with the prerequisites to ready up for the event.

A Saturday would be preferred so North Americans and Europeeons can join, perhaps mid-day EST.

Interested parties please respond. Once we have an idea of whose in we'll discuss a timeline.
lol :D

Anyway! I am good for a Saturday, Here is what you can do to make the convoy work smoothly as far as I know (I will test it prior and update with anything new)
TLDR; Just do the red bits

First of all, the convoy thing does not work with mods so,
Start a new profile.
You will not have any money for the truck of your choice so install this mod Money and EXP mod before you start.
exp mod.png

Start the game and choose The Netherlands/Rotterdam as your starting location so we all start in the same place and everybody with even the base content has the location. This will also give you access to 3 pretty close truck dealerships.
Volvo in Luxembourg
Mercedes and DAF in Rotterdam and Amsterdam respectively.

Once you do the first mission which is roughly a mile you will earn 10 million Euros and enough EXP to take you to Level 35 which in turn unlocks every Truck, Accessory and Modification available.
Grab a local Job and drive to the truck dealer and get whatever truck you want then abandon the job you have.
If you want to get something other than the 3 manufacturers listed here then you will have to drive there before hand, if so then here are the closest places to get the different trucks that aren't listed above:

Iveco Belgium/Brussels
MAN France/Calais
Renault France/Paris
Scania France/Strasbourg
There are closer dealers to The Netherlands but these are the closest if you only have the default content.

Log out and remove the XP/Cash mod, you don't need this anymore.
You are good to go.

I am unsure if this convoy thing is peer to peer or if SCS provide a server (similar to left 4 Dead) but I will check this when I do the test.
IF it is hosted by the person that does the invites then it is going to suck a bunch of bandwidth from you and people will rubber band all over the place, so if you upload speed is shit then let someone else host :D

There is a new button in your ETS2 menu called "Fast travel" which you can use to get to everyone else provided you have been there already as far as I know.

If you have any questions related to this then I will try my best to answer them :)
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I would be interested in this :). I om holiday on 25 Sept and 2 Oct but I can probably join any other Saturdays.

Thanks for the tutorial Nejtun. Looks like there is some preparation to do so this is helpful.
I’d be down for this. Depending on day. I’ve never played ETS so someone may have to edumacate me on the rules of the road. But I’ll sit mid pack and flash lights at Ken the whole way.


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