ETS2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC

SCS has released another batch of teaser screenshots, but this time it's for an upcoming expansion for ETS2!

Can you guess the area?

I have a pretty good idea where this must be, there are a few clues in the pictures :)


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The first picture has a UAZ-452ish looking van, which suggests close to Russia (unless that is just a default ETS2 vehicle). The third image features what could be an ocean, but, my guess, would be Baltic Sea... my first, completely uneducated, guess is Sweden or Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia?


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Very enticing screenshots but due to a disturbing lack of both Mountains and Military my guess is it is not Russia although I wish it was.

Whatever it is I'm sure it'll be great but I really want Russia!


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SCS just posted this on Facebook with the question; "Are you hungry? Something else is also cooking in our labs for ETS2! :D"

So everyone is guessing that they're making a pun towards Hungry. Can't say for sure that they're not, since they just finished Italy, maybe they're making Slovenia/Croatia/Hungary? However, like Ken said, there aren't any mountains in any of those pictures, and I would think there would be mountains in those countries, but I could be wrong.
Time for some Geoguessr :p

Here's picture 3, it's the E67 in Latvia

Same parking, side roads (2 left, one right), same side path, same red on crossing, same lightpoles (incl the one on parking), same tree types at each side of the road, same guard rail(-ending), same shoreline. Pretty easy to find this time too, as the road through the baltic states only goes this close to sea on a small stretch, and there's only 2 parkings on that stretch. This one fits perfectly:!1s9WAQcnrN2QU7ka6eB5QtEQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

So Baltic states it is indeed! (most likely Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and parts of Finland and Russia would be my guess)


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Ooh anyone remember the blue "Shaggin Wagon" from DayZ?
Look at the screenshot with the Spaghetti Mack Stralis, right behind it is a white "shaggin wagon".
And we have confirmation; Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, the South of Finland, and a part of Russia (Including St. Petersburg).
Check the map and new pictures for "Beyond the Baltic Sea" DLC (working title):

Looking forward to more info about this one!
One much needed asset for a DLC with so many new countries are border crossings, and SCS is making sure each one will be unique this time around (as opposed to the parking with flag posts from the base game);

More pictures at the SCS blog post :)


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SCS is clearly upping their game as each and every DLC clearly adds polish to the game. I'm also very amazed at just how smoothly the game runs even when streaming at reasonably high details.

I remember even a few years ago when I couldn't stream or record ETS2 because the game hitched too much, those days are gone.

The only thing I think they need to work on is the scaled speed zones as they're pretty ridiculous. There have been a few times I've even been ticketed for speeding as I'm braking to comply with a speed zone only to have to throttle up immediately to get back to highway speed.

Aside from this ETS2 is the best it's ever been and it's clearly only about to get better.

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