Eu4 Fri/Sat Game - Starting 9/26/15 - 10pm ET

A new Fri/Sat game will be starting on 9/26/15. This will be hosted starting at 10pm ET until 3am~ ET. This game will be continued until, hopefully, 1821. We will be playing Shattered Europa however will be starting with the standard vanilla 1444 start.

Rule changes will be discussed during the week.

Please give three picks below. 1st pick is a major nation, the two other picks are secondary or minor powers.

What nation you play will be decided by vote by current existing server admins.

If you did not get a pick in, before today, pick 3 nations that aren't listed below and make a post. Your pick will be added.

Picks are below:

Tenshi – Venice
Accelerator – Castille
Hogdriver – The Hansa
General – Ming
Syd – Songhai
Killer – Ethiopia
Barbull – Japan
Arklari – France
Treyman – England
Torpy – Florence
Master – Poland
Aussmo – Brandenburg
Cruder – Bahmanis
Chaos – Teutons
Garsk – Timurids
Vox – Burgundy
White – Hungary
Briarmoss - Sweden
James Kent - Mamluks
Fireblade - Muscovy
Hobo - Bohemia
Freedom - Portugal
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