EU4 Game Starting 6/26/15. Played Fri/Sats

We are starting a game on Friday, 6/26/15. It will begin at 10pm ET. We will be playing Friday and Saturday nights. The game will be historical vanilla, with some rules on nation picks.

This game will run until completion, at least past 1750, regardless of the amount of players we have near the end. If you are not in this game for the long haul, please do not bother playing. We are not ending at 1580 again because people feel they have no chance of winning.

General rules for the game are posted in another thread, and also posted across all Eu4 teamspeak channels. There have been rule adjustments since our last game, I recommend reading them.

You are allowed to call dibs on your nation. Nation pick rules for this specific game are as follows:

Inside Europe - 100 development or less
North Africa - 150 development or less
Asia/India - 200~ development or less - Case by case

Vassals count for 1/2 points.

There may be specific exceptions granted, please post below if you'd like an exception. An example of an exception I'd allow is: Picking Denmark, with the agreement Sweden and Norway would be released at game start. That would drop the total cost of Denmark at exactly 100, with Holstein being worth 11 points, added to Denmark's 89 points.

Nation Dibs:

Fireblade - Tunis
Tenshi - Please pick a new nation. Portugal is not playable at 100 development.
Sentior - Byzantines
Killer - Jaunpur
Marci - Brandenburg
Whiteknighted - Papal states
Josh - Please pick a new nation. Teutons is not playable at 100 development.
Jake - Sweden
Arklari - Ming - All nations possible are being released as subject nations, and then released entirely through war the moment claims are fabricated. Ming will be 217 development.
ATP - Hansa
Hoob - Denmark - Sweden/Norway released at game start
Delta - Savoy.
Flakstorm - Ethiopia
Freedom - Milan
Choas - Uzbek
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May I ask how northern is able to play Poland when they have 172 development and two vassals who combine for a further 75 development? Even at 50% dev cost for those vassals Poland is at 211 development. Will he be selling a bunch of provinces to his vassals or something?

I ask because if so, I'd like to do something similar with Austria or Hungary i.e. releasing Croatia and Transylvania as vassals to be at exactly 150 total (counting vassals as 50%) or Austria releasing Tirol and selling it the province of Lienz (also at 150 total).

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