Euro Truck Simulator 2 Screenshots


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I thought I'd share some screenshots of this wonderful addicting game.
If you have some screenshots to share, please post m here too :)
My first own truck;

I love hauling flatbeds, perhaps because it gives me an excuse to use flashing lights, lol;

Traffic can be pretty bad at times, in this case a turning truck got its trailer stuck on this bus in front of me, I ended up flattening a sign on the soft shoulder to go around it eventually;

Sometimes I just stop at truck stops to have a real life drink and to enjoy the scenery and the traffic going by;

They got the day and night cycle just right in this game imho, takes just the right amount of time, and it makes for nice sunset shots;

I love how the game has put real life details in the gameworld. Here's a view at a schiphol airport runway that crosses the highway near Amsterdam, just like in real life;

Some companies have really tight entranceway's, like this one. Others are littered with stuff and are sometimes hard to navigate, making picking up and parking trailers a real challenge at times;

Some of the roadworks can really take you by surprise, like this one that's just after a bend in the road;

Driving in the UK has its own challenges for me, but some of the scenery is really nice. Passing a dozen speedcamera's on a single short trip is not...;
Hey @lucawerfel some nice screenshots here :), hopefully some more from others to follow as a few of us play ETS2 (really tough to do screenshots in VR but I will give it a go)

We can only see your screenshots as thumbnails though, but you can change this with the edit function on your post and instead of making the pics thumbnails, choose the "show full image for all option and it should make it so we can click them to see the larger versions ( I think this is how it works ;) )


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I was like, i either have a deja vu or someone blatantly copied Shilka's thread.
It turned out to be the latter.

Wonder when he's going to edit his post to add links.

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