Europa Universalis 4 Game Rules

1. If a player surrenders, you can demand 100% war score from the player. You may not sit on a player with the intention of breaking their nation. If an entire alliance surrenders, you may only demand 100% war score from the entire alliance. If the party that has surrendered does not like the terms of surrender, they may continue the war.

2. You may not force nations to be released from players. Exception: The emperor may release 1 nation from an HRE player per war for the intention of getting more princes.

3. You may only declare offensive wars with a 2:1 human players ratio. Defensive wars' ratio does not matter.

4. You may only have 3 player allies.

5. You may not ally players during wars to call them in into your war.

6. Abusing fort mechanics, ie; England deleting forts and holding up double birds to France and say gg, is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Peaces for land will be forced at admin discretion if there is blatant fort or game mechanic abuse.

7. Fuck you Tenshi, fuck you. Fuck you.

8. All rules are subject to change and adjustment to ensure the betterment of our EU4 multiplayer games.
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