Europa Universalis 4 Games

I am going to be hosting and bringing people in for Europa Universalis 4. Been playing it quite a bit, and the group I was a part of has fallen apart. Going to be bringing the remnants that still want to play, along with some fresh faces over.

There will likely be more than one game ongoing at a same time; however the game that I personally am hosting will be running from 10pmEST-3am~EST, 2 or 3 nights a week. The days of the week played will be decided upon by majority vote.

I know there were a few people here playing it, so I was just posting this here. You're all welcome to play.

And if you're a fan of strategy games, this one is extremely fun. Doesn't take a huge money-sink as some others do, as you only need to buy the base game. You can join games that have all of the DLC, even if you don't have them. Only the host needs to have all of the DLC.

- Unannounced absences or leaves will result in immediate AI replacement or substitution. If you miss the first session, your chosen country will be open for someone else to take. If you miss any other session after the first, your country gets AIed or subbed (if you're lucky). If you fail to contact someone and justify your absence for any session, your country will be AIed.

- Rehosts will occasionally occur. Everyone is expected to exit their game and rejoin the rehosted game in a very prompt manner.
- If one player is continually having technical issues there won't be a rehost for them until these get fixed.

- If a player rage quits during a war any peace under 100 warscore can be applied. After that, either a new perm will be searched for or it will get partitioned.
- No session will be skipped due to player absence. If your country is critical to whatever plot you've hatched, make sure you are available for play on the time of the session.
Agreements between players, private or public, will not be enforced. Agreements that form part of a peace deal will also not be enforced. Make peace deals outside the scope of the game mechanics at your own peril.
- If you feel you have been severely mistreated by another player, contact the GM discreetly.
- Do not wreck your nation. No mass-releasing of vassals out of spite.
- If your country has been severely damaged and is no longer able to function efficiently and you want to stay in the game, you are able to switch countries.
- Generally all exploits are forbidden.
- No Human Vassalization. Neither diplomatic nor military vassalization is permitted. PUs are exempt from this rule. If a player becomes vassalized, he must move to another nation. A player must be 100% occupied in order to be elegiable for forced vassalization.
- No selling provinces to nations that have not discovered a path to the province.
- No selling provinces as part of a peacedeal. This is because nations should be taking aggressive expansion when they expand, avoiding it is unfair.
- Indian, East Asian, Nomads, cannot take expansion or exploration for their first idea group
- No Deleting of armies/navies to avoid losing them in battle. This avoids warscore and is considered an exploit.
When terms are asked for, they must be given within a reasonable amount of time. This does not require you to cease fighting. The losing side can accept these terms, or continue fighting but the winner doesn't have to stop maneuvers until a surrender has officially been called.
- The GM may pause the game in order to facilitate peace negotiations. This will be done at the GM's discretion and will be decided on a case by case basis.
- A peace term can never be over 100% Warscore per player. It is not permissible to include province sales as part of peace deals. The loser may not offer it, and the winner may not demand it.
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