Everyone good? - COVID-19 roll call

Just posting this so we can have people post a quick update and let everyone know they are good through all this chaos. Also if anyone needs anything that can be shipped post here and I'm sure one of us can help.

My update:

I'm fine, families fine. Bored, tired of being in the house, but fine. Plenty of food, no one is sick, lots of video games to play.


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Been home for a week now with symptoms, however it doesn't seem to get any worse at the moment.
Side effects suck as wel, as long as i'm "moving" i'm alright, but doing nothing for a week causes my neck and shoulder to lock up and ends up in major headache.

I never missed work as much as i do now tho, sadly working from home isn't an option as i can't fit a navy vessel in my backyard.

And yes, tons of games to play, maybe even too much to choose from :)


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Geeze that sucks @ElektroVodka, hopefully it improves soon!

Oh and beeteedub, c'mon:
sadly working from home isn't an option as i can't fit a navy vessel in my backyard.
That's not what I heard :)

...sick or no sick you can't get away with that.

Personally I'm fine but worried due to my lung issues.

Our largest Customers are the Class 8 Truck Industry in the US which is deemed and "essential service" meaning those who supply are considered the same.

We'll likely not close unless our Prime Minister orders Canada to shut down. This is a bit concerning as Vancouver and Ontario are nearly tied for the most cases of Covid-19 in Canada.

Oh wait, Quebec just added 409 cases, wtf?
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Stay safe my fellow B20 brothers and sisters.

I'm still having to work as I'm considered front line healthcare and I provide a type of healthcare that can't be just "put off" for the vulnerable and isolated in our society. Which I really enjoyed... until now. I'll try not to be a Debbie downer (no offence Deb) as I would prefer to spread positive vibes but it's really hard out there. It's not just the physical effects that are dangerous with Covid-19. The psychological damage it's causing is absolutely devastating based on what I am seeing and hearing on a daily basis. The worst part is one of my greatest weapons in combating loneliness and depression in our elderly and sick population is now unavailable to administer - a hug. Sometimes these people would only be having one visit that day from someone who actually cared about them, and a hug goes a long way. It sounds silly to type it but dammit it's horrible not being able to give that to people when you know right now more than ever it would make them feel better, even if only for a while.

God bless all the people caring for people who are unable to care for themselves, and I hope this virus f**** off sooner rather than later, although I know that's not likely. We are just hitting the upward curve here in the U.K. and the way things are going our NHS will cave in. Currently awaiting a briefing from our Prime Minister in an hour and I'm hoping he introduces tougher measures to stop the retards who still insist on gathering in crowds and not thinking of others. We've had our bars, restaurants, drive thru's, nightclubs etc. shut down. Our national parks shut down. Still these absolute morons and selfish c**** insist on getting together and having a fucking party or going to see tourist sights or the coast and just treating this like a big jolly holiday. Seriously, I cannot get my head round how these people's brains work. Absolutely unbelievable.

I would like to say I can't take another elderly person crying in front of me but I will keep going, for them. God bless all our Nurses, Doctors, Carers, and everyone who is doing their bit to help others, professionally, or otherwise by looking after family, neighbours and friends.

I know a vaccine is a long way off but I'm truly hoping we can at least get this antibody test rolled out once it's signed off a.s.a.p. That will be a game changer.

I hope you feel better soon EV, and Ken please look after yourself ffs.


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So in a dramatic turn of events, two of our largest OEM's are shutting down for minimum 2 weeks. They however fully expect their suppliers to continue production to feed their spare parts divisions which will remain open.

So the factories close because of a pandemic but expect their suppliers to continue during the pandemic just in case something breaks down.

How about stock piling some inventory you stupid fucks!!!

What kind of lopsided thinking is this?
It's crazy man how people who are supposed to be "in charge" often seem to miss the most logical of solutions. Ever feel like they are reacting to things rather than pre-empting and making plans in case the shit hits the fan...

I've had a development in my profession, we have had communication from the government to our professional body and then to us individually that we have been asked to continue working, to reduce the stress on our national health service. What they've said to us is if we stop, people are going to turn to the NHS putting more strain on them which is what we are all actively trying to avoid so they can try and deal with Covid-19 and of course all the other health problems that people need the NHS for that don't suddenly disappear because of the pandemic.

So, we don't have a choice to stay at home and wait it out, we have to get out there and treat our patients despite the risks to them and to us. So all non-urgent cases will have to be deferred to a later date and it's all hands on deck to treat patients in need. I am going to be taking on case loads from other practitioners who have had to self isolate in the local area.

Taking all precautionary measures possible, I may just buy a f****** spacesuit from a museum and walk around in that, or do a Jude Law in contagion...


I need to have a little laugh otherwise I'll go insane.
haha 4%! That's got to be a record here thanks TM, made me smile ;P Stay safe, stay home where you can everyone, and wash your hands! This will be a distant memory before we know it x
Checking in rather late, but I’m glad to see you all are still doing well. (Get better soon EV so you can then be super human amongst the rest of us!) Things here are quite busy as I work for an electrical utility in their disability department so not only are we not stopping working due to electricity being a necessity, but our department is super busy because of all of the employees who may go out I’ll.

For me personally I’m lucky in that my family is healthy thus far including both my wife and my parents in their 70’s.

Let’s hope like hell we can get all of this crap behind us as soon as possible and get back to more normalcy.
Hey guys just checkin in, our family is staying healthy and we are all home, Last Friday my state has a Shelter in Place advisory, I was considered an essential employee but I got laid off the same day due to work shortage, I'm fine with taking time to myself and staying home with family and working out of my little shop until I can return. More and more cases are popping up in my state and it's a matter of time before shit really hits the fan.
Taking on some projects at my shop to pass the time, building a bigger powdercoating oven and taking on a full respray on a friends wrx swapped Subaru forester, have some other autobody and painting projects I'm doing as well.

The week I had returned from COTA is when the country started going into a panic, I was getting lined up for working a whole season for DXDT Racing traveling the states but now all of that is on hold, same with my late model program. Hopefully this can sort itself out and we can get back to normal life sooner than later.

My heart goes out to you P and if there is anything we can do to help cheer you up We all got you.

EV hope you feel better soon man.

Stay safe everyone
Oh man hopefully it will still be on once this pandemic is dealt with. You told me about it the other night on TS and it sounded amazing. I really hope it still works out for you mate.

Our government asked for 250,000 volunteers to help our NHS cope, and within 48 hours they have had over 750,000 volunteers. I am so proud of my country for all we are doing. A promising development today; one of the people who's every word we hang off when he appears in the daily TV briefing's (Sir Patrick Vallance - the UK's chief scientific advisor) has said that the efforts of our communities appears to be showing early signs of making a difference (Source) and that is very welcome good news in an almost endless sea of bad news regarding Covid-19. Our hospital admissions and subsequent positive test results are remaining constant over the last few days, rather than growing exponentially as we were all expecting. Of course as with all data this could be a natural anomaly, any kind of data collection involving this many moving parts is never going to be completely representative of what is really happening but nonetheless it is encouraging.

People in my hometown are really observing social distancing and the supermarkets have put in excellent measures to allow people to pick up supplies and keep a good distance from one another. Stock levels have returned almost back to normal. I am so, so proud of how we are dealing with this and long may it continue.

Like I've been saying to people, if our elderly relatives managed to put up with being bombed to hell from above and the imminent threat of a land invasion then people can cope with just staying indoors and having to change a few eating habits and make things last a bit longer. To be fair, I haven't encountered anyone moaning about it, everyone seems to be just cracking on with it. Our governent has told everyone what we need to do to save as many lives as we can, and they are doing it. There was a lovely moment late last week when at 8pm everyone opened their doors, windows, etc. and clapped and cheered for our NHS workers, be that doctors, nurses, paramedics, ambulance crews, front line health workers, anyone that is putting themselves in harms way to care for others. It could be heard everywhere... and sent chills down my spine. Absolutely heart warming and poignant moment that was.

I really hope everyone is staying safe, and thought I would give a little update on how we are doing over here in the U.K.


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Well... duh. Now sort those lungs out! That's an order from your British overlord.
I had appointments for bl00d work, X-Rays, and all kinds of stuff but put all that on hold because of Covid. I'm quite worried about getting infected because of my lung issues so I'm taking zero chances.

I was checking today and Vancouver has the highest population density in all of Canada. New Westminster (where I live) is actually 5th highest.

We're also convinced that our Province is flat out lying about cases in BC as they're claiming only 884 Confirmed as of this morning: https://www.covid-19canada.com/

Doctors are starting to chime in and refute this number because it's far too low given we had some of Canada's earliest outbreaks in some Care facilities.

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