Far Cry 5 thoughts from my fellow B2O'ers?

It's on sale 75% off and looks fun, was thinking of picking it up. Wondered if anyone had thoughts on it that has played co-op?

Its not bad co-op, played it through with a friend. can't go wrong for 75% off! Just make sure you do all the side missions as you go if you want to experience it all.

Don't bother with the DLC IMO it is utter junk. the main game is enough.
I almost forgot, the person hosting has all the story progress ( like a lot of co-op campaigns ) But I think the guest player still keeps their weapons and what not ( don't quote me on that weapons thing though, I was hosting)
I played about an hour or so last night and.... it made the cut! No refund for this game. I am particularly enjoying how the game syncs up with my corsair keyboard and mouse and provides ambient lighting depending on what is happening on screen. At first I thought it might be distracting and "gimmicky", now I wish every game did it. It really does add something to the experience imho.

Here's how it works

I'm really enjoying playing it in the dark and making the most of it, the first time I booted the game up and the keyboard and mouse light up as the star spangled banner floating in the wind I thought "whoah this is pretty cool..." and then when you get spotted and your keyboard subtlety flashes red to alert me it really does feel like an extra "sense". It's hard to explain, but very cool :)
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Fantastic game so far, really enjoying it!

I'm making sure to do all the side missions as they pop up, which is different to how I normally play these kind of games. Normally I would do the main story line and then do the side missions afterwards, but after doing that in Red Dead Redemption 2 on the One X and burning out on it (plus some side missions are no longer available after you complete the main story line) I decided to do every little thing that pops up as I'm going about my business in Hope County.

There is LOADS to do, and luckily for me these side missions are really fun with some good variety and interesting dialogue, and some quite funny moments too that speak to my British sense of humour.

Case in point, after speaking to the chef in a recently liberated outpost I was asked to collect some bull testicles for the annual "testicle festival" which has been a bit of a drab affair lately in Hope County what with all the kidnapping, torture and killing (Don't you just hate that when you are trying to party?). Chef wants to cheer up the locals by throwing a testicle festival to remember.

Now, collecting a bull's testicles at the best of times is a dangerous affair, and I'm reliably informed they tend to part with them easier when they are dead. I would therefore, need to make them dead... but not before they had their way with some cows and the testicles were engorged. Evidently they taste better when engorged. See? Learning as we play.

So off I go, and after breaking the gate that separates the cows from the bulls, I'm not really sure what it is I'm about to witness. Then, much to my amusement, the bulls get their groove on and the music hits. Sexual healing by Marvin Gaye. It's rare I chuckle out loud to a game, but this got me. The timing of the music was just perfect.

I really did feel bad about killing the bulls, but took comfort in the knowledge that at least they died happy. And it was still a better love story than twilight.

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I really did feel bad about killing the bulls, but took comfort in the knowledge that at least they died happy. And it was still a better love story than twilight.
@little P, this has gotta be one of the funniest things I've ever read lmao.

I really hope you enjoy the game and I'm interested to see how you feel the further you go in

Much like you I really enjoyed it and played through the one brother entirely then moving onto the sister. I thought she was pretty interesting but something made me start losing interest and I'm not entirely sure the reason, I have no recollection?

I'm hoping I can live vicariously through you and get motivated enough to continue in the game.


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Heh, yeah man you should get back into it, be a good one to stream too probably
Ya maybe.

Whenever I stream stuff like this I get a few viewers but most seem to tune in for iRacing only. If I stream long enough after iRacing I do tend to get some of the ETS crowd but other than that I'm not consistent enough to have anyone watch me play games like this.

I'm likely going to put a lot of time into Anthem and hopefully stream that regularly.

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