Farming Simulator 19 Server in November?

Hello guys,

one of your fellow mates told me, that you are a bunch of nice lads and that this would be the place to go if I wanted to find a community for the upcoming Farming Simulator 19 (I don't trust Canadians tho. They're too nice. Must be planning something. Looking at you, Ken!). I'm playing this game myself since FS15 and know my way around and prefer to play it in a more "serious" way, as in actually getting stuff done and be productive than just standing around like a numb nut or troll/grief others.

I also have a friend of mine who'd like to join the cause and plays the game the same way.
Sooo, that's why I'm asking if B2O already has an existing and active FS community and some sort of server. We always bought a server just for the two (sometimes three) of us. So I know that they're not the most expensive, but I'd throw a Euro into the bucket if needed.

So, yeah. If anyone is interested in adding two filthy Germans (30 and 29) to the cult, then hit me up.


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I plan to be picking this up, for sure! I only played FS15 for one night, but it was one of my favorite nights with this community. Think I spent all night just mowing grass for mulch or something! I'm a simpleton..

I believe @Shilka is into the more hardcore mods and serious gameplay, so I'm sure we'll get a lot of time out of this one. I definitely enjoy games more when people have a plan set of tasks! Running around aimlessly becomes dull to me very quickly.

I'm content to just play farm hand. Tell me what to do, and how to do it, and I'll be happy to help!


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lol I don't trust Canadians either @Coro_yy so ya, I know how you feel.

I wan't planning on picking the game up but now that I know you're gonna get it I'm definitely not going to pick it up lol.

Nah just like anything, if there's enough interest in it then I'll certainly pick it up. I want to manage the sheep pen, no arguing, that's my job.


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I'm deffo getting this, have all the previous versions and got quite the hours into it with @Shilka
I usually just get a server going locally but for FS17 we rented one for a few bucks.
Welcome to B2O btw!
Sounds good so far! The more, the better. Nothing sucks more than getting a server, getting mods ready and what not and then watching it dying a slow death because no one joins anymore :D


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I've pre ordered it, and i'm pretty sure i will get a server hosted on launchday. Just have to get my G27 from the attic. Currently hosting a scum server as well but i might let it end this month. That game is in early acces and has a serious lack of endgame content which causes low player retention.

I was actually thinking of getting a FS17 server again to kill time until the launch of FS19. It's such a small investment for the return in fun you get. Nothing beats the relaxation you get from that game. We had some great moments in there and i do believe we got the most members in it as well.

What do you think @Shilka ? Change the scum server for a FS17/19 server?
Yeah, we were only 3 people and just ordered a server from gamed!de for FS17 last year. They want 0,64€ per slot and everything was working super smooth most of the time. Mod upload also worked like a charm. Dunno how much ping makes a difference depending on where you guys are from. Sometimes there were sync issues where I still had stage 2 crops on the field, while the others already saw harvestable crops. A quick reconnect fixed that.

But whatever you guys are up to. Count me in!


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I had one running at nitrado before, and i noticed i still have some prepaid funds in there. I usually go with london/amsterdam based servers as they tend to have a good tier3 connection for everyone in B2O. I could just click start server and we'd be live ;-) what maps have you played? We ran with some pretty detailed custom maps and mods. Not sure how others feel about that tho but i definitely liked it.
Ooh, don't ask me what to host XD I'm out of the FS loop a bit, heh.

Personally, when I play, I do like playing the game in first person only, doing as much as possible myself with as little AI help as possible. Personally I like custom maps with small, irregular shaped fields on uneven terrain. So my preference is not at profit maximizing, but more about having a challenge, where it is important to choose the correct (size) implement, and where I need to think about how to decide on an efficient driving pattern for doing stuff on an irregular shaped field. So not how many bales I can make, but how to keep them from rolling off into a valley XD

Haven't played in a while though, so don't let anything depend on me at the moment. If I do get FS19 I do hope the physics will have improved, because they still do need improvement especially in multiplayer.
I don't know if you heard it yet, but there will also be a PVP mode. Everyone has his/her own farm, own money. You have to buy fields that you like before others do. Building the farm building is also becoming a thing. But not entirely sure how much fun it includes when everyone is doing his/her own stuff for a longer period of time. It's basically singleplayer with people sniffing around.
Yeah, I didn't hear about that, but PvP mode doesn't sound like the multiplayer experience I'm looking for. I'd prefer working together over working apart against each other any day :) Much more fun to work together on a field / forest IMHO


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Server is up and called B2O Farming. It's hosted in london and has some mods you can directly download from the server without having to go through those crappy 50kb paysites.
To connect filter for B2O in the international matchmaking server.
Password is the usual one :p

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