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So I broke down and purchased PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) as it's currently the most talked about topic on B2O Twitch. I'm constantly getting asked about whether or not I'll be playing it and until now have resisted as I'm not a big fan of Battle Royale type gameplay.

In saying that it may be a good game to play with B2O Members and our Twitch audience so it made sense to purchase.

I'm still unsure of how it will fit into the stream schedule, perhaps it will eat into ETS2 after iRacing streams or strictly be a weekend game.

Who else here has PUBG and wants to jump in a game with me?
Well I'm always up for a game with you bud, you know how effective I am at that covering fire...

If you see me online late one night and you fancy a game give me a shout on steam :)


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I've played a few Solo rounds, rounds, I mean minutes per round as I got wrecked every single time.

The best I could manage was a KD of .5 I think. It was an even split between me landing and finding a weapon or someone else landing and finding a weapon as you really never land in one area alone.

I must admit though to how tactical it is as it doesn't really come across that way in video. I'm still kicking myself over this one instance where I managed to sneak around a few people who already had weapons to finally find an AK lying in a garage.

I'd already looted some boarded up houses that had a grant total of squat between all 3 of them. I had to run through a field essentially to get to another small gathering of houses which is where I found the AK.

Now armed I was looking around a bit and payed no attention to doors being open in the house next to me. This is a clear signal that players are around but I payed it no heed and got shot in the back for it.

Still have no idea what I'm doing, sensitivity is still way off and my settings are shit but so far this looks like it may be a bit of fun particularly in a squad.
I've got a ton of time sunk in to PUBG and a bunch of chicken dinners if anyone wants to duo/squad up and get a feel for the flow of the game.
I need to play more duos. My duos stats suuuucks. Got like a 33% top 10 rate in squads though.

So, are people playing 3rd person or first person mode mostly?


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You guys are sol then because I only play PUBG in 3rd person. In fact I installed a mod that let's me play from the top down, zoom in and zoom out as I like. I can point and click on the enemy and when I do they go down.

I don't even need a gun, a crowbar or frying pan works just fine.

It's amazing, 100:1 KD and you can rent this hack from me for only $49.95 USD/month.

Also, there's a watermark directly over your player model so if you need to see him/her that's an extra $11.95/month.

...and before you ask, these are friend prices :)
First person only. Third person is terribly unfun after a while, way too much hiding with no risk to gain information. You can only lose a game you've played perfectly to some guy who hid in some grass and watched your every move in third person, with no risk to himself, so many times.
i totally agree, it has almost come to a point where i refuse to play 3rd person any more. It takes all the tactics away and it becomes an ordinary dumbed down shooter in 3rd person. Just no fun at all, u cant ambush people because they can see u around the corner or over a wall. Almost like a wallhack.


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Are you planning on playing it this weekend d00kie? We should get a squad together.
I've played a game with P the other day (1st person). We made it to the top 4. Such a nice thrill this game is.


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I'd like to but my schedule is a bit shaky right now. I'm currently responding to this at work and will likely rot here most of today.

Would you guys be up for doing this sometime Sunday, perhaps around 2 PM EST?

If needed I can be a bit earlier.


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Finally managed my first solo win this morning.

Wow nice.

I accidentally ended up in a 3rd person Server and got to #4 before getting shot in the back.

To be honest I'm not a huge fan of Solo because it's just way too campy. People hurry to get into the circle and either crawl around or hide the entire time.
Yea solos aren't as entertaining. But 3rd person is the worst offender for camping. I've gotten good at catching people on the run or trying to prone in the grass thinking they're hidden.


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Agreed solo sux but if I have to solo I'm much better in 3rd person than 1st, maybe because I got used to it in DayZ?

I want to PUBG this weekend at some point, anyone game?

If so, when?

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