Follow botted on Twitch and what to do about it.


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As many of you know I Twitch Stream lol. I've only started to take Twitch streaming somewhat seriously over the past 6 months or so and attempt some regularity to build an audience.

Twitch reports that I currently stream 26 days of each month with an average stream duration of 4h 8m the longest stream being 8h 15m.

It appears as if this amount of activity has crossed some threshold I'm not familiar with as now my Twitch Channel is being follow botted.

...and unfortunately if you're being follow botted there is nothing you can do to report the activity.

All you can do is go here and read Twitch's passive nomenclature on "How to Handle View/Follow bots".

Now if this isn't good enough for you the following may help give you some peace of mind.

It worked for me anyway.

At the bottom of the "How to Handle View/Follow bots" page you get two options to interact:
  1. Click link "I found this article helpful"
  2. Click link "I did not find this article helpful"
I did not find the article helpful and as such clicked the link stating so opening up a dialogue between myself and Twitch for feeback.

The following is what I submitted:

The issue I'm reporting today is more an issue with your system rather than just this page.

For newer streamers such as myself, Twitch follow-botting represents a very large shock to the system. In my case I'm doubly concerned as I have a very high view count over inflated by my Channels Twitch Player embedded at my Gaming Community on both the Blog and Forum.

At first glance if I were to come across a channel such as mine I'd suspect it of nefarious measures which could't be further from the truth.

The problem I have is there is no way to even report suspicious activity in a timely manner.

Last night (Wed July 28, 2017) is a perfect example of suspicious follow-bot activity and there's no means of reporting it than I'm aware of.

Would it not be helpful to allow Streamers to flag certain streams and add a note as to what it is they experienced during that session?

I believe to date I've been follow-botted on at least 3 streams over the past few weeks.

The channel I own is should you be interested.



I personally believe the system is a bit broken as there is no way really to report suspicious activity on your channel.

Even turning to Twitch on Reddit is useless as some think if you want to report follow botting then you are covering your tracks as you know you're guilty.

...basically the typical low forehead nonsensical responses you'd expect from the ignorant.

Anyway, for those of you worried about being follow botted for the first time I'd recommend doing something similar.

Personally I'm not worried about the follow botting, in fact I'm delighted if I'm to be truthful. Someone out there is actually stupid enough to pay money and inflate my follower count for no good reason that I can think of.

It's laughable but hey any attention is good attention so maybe I'm doing something right after all.

At the end of the day I do thing Twitch is right in stating not to worry about bot activity.

What I've stated above only serves to give you an evidentiary trail of bringing the issue to light in the unlikely event that Twitch were to take action against your particular channel.
I'm still a bit of Twitch noob, I don't know what all the cheers and bits do for example. So follow-botting is when bots automatically follow random channels? :p

I can't think of anything bad about it, except what you mentioned, that Twitch might get suspicious of sudden follower spikes. Or would bots do this so they can later try to advertise in your chat?
I've been follow botted too. Basically it's a paid service, where you can pay someone to artificially boost your follow and/or view count, which is done with the help of bots, so you can be higher up the twitch page and therefor more likely to get 'normal' views and followers, as your channel, the higher up, is more likely to be clicked on. The problem is, that people providing these services have a tendency to hand out free, unasked for samples of their services suddenly, as a way to demonstrate their service in the hopes you might be more likely to acquire their services after a little demonstration of it. In other words, without you having anything to do with it, you suddenly get a hundred bot subscribers.

It happened to me a couple of years back already, and I've never had any problems because of it. So yeah, just take it as a sign that you're worth their attention, and I wouldn't worry about it when it happens to you as far as goes for continuation of your channel. Twitch is very most likely aware of these unwanted sample handouts of bot subscribers. The people that really pay and abuse this arethe ones you see coming on with 15.000 viewers, of which only 12 are logged in as named viewers ;) A couple hundred bot followers does not raise any eyebrows at twitch :D


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...except follow bots are pretty much useless. Twitch does not take into account the amount of followers a Channel has when applying for Partnership (their words, not mine) so follow bots are a waste of time and money.

I don't think they help you climb the Live Stream Leader-board either as that is sorted by Live Viewers so the entire thing is pretty much pointless.

View bots I can see being more useful because concurrent views is one metric that Twitch does use in considering Partnership.

Anyway the point of the article was just to give Streamers an option should they require some sort of evidentiary trail which I personally like to have.
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