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Hello all,

As you can probably see, I pulled the trigger and decided to upgrade the Forum to the latest version of XenForo. The reason for the abrupt decision is there was enough evidence that the upgrade process provided an overall noticeable improvement over our previous, buggy, Forum.

Having said that, not everything is perfect so I need your help in addressing issues as they arise.

Should you encounter an issue, please provide as much detail as possible in your reporting such as:
  1. Overview of what you were doing when error occurred
  2. URL of page where error occurred
  3. Copy/Paste of error message received.
Issues listed below


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Known Issues:
  • Media Embed only providing partial functionality
  • 4K background image floats high at resolutions higher than 4800px width
  • Sidebar Media Embedding not working
  • Various Styling Issues
As posted in another topic;

OK I found the problem. The twitch embedding uses third party cookies, which I have blocked in chrome. I think edge automatically blocks third party cookies by default, not sure where and what settings to change in edge to make the clips show up. Other embedded sources (like youtube) don't use third party cookies so they work okay in any browser/settings.

The twitch link in your signature automatically being converted to an embedded video player might be a problem though, as it makes your sig pretty huge XD


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Actually, in your signature, only the YouTube part is a clickable link now.
Facebook, Steam Group, Twitch and twitter seem to be regular text, and not clickable links anymore.
To change to this format I had to select and deselect which text would work as a hyperlink. I mucked around with it a lot and could never achieve what I wanted so just gave up.

I'll get it working shortly.

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