Fragtard Guild Seems to be Dead

As the title would suggest the Fragtard GW2 guild seems to be dead. Not much activity recently. I see maybe Boom and TM from time to time. It's not that big of a deal we can still do stuff together just log in. The Guild will always be there as we can keep active alts in the Guild. If some of you old timers get bored log in there have been quite a few updates.


It is. If I'm not on at the usual time it means I've probably fallen asleep on the couch again. I'd actually be up for running around with another guild if I found a decent one.
We haven't logged in in a bit. Jez just had carpal tunnel surgery a week ago, afraid her mouse hand is out of action for a few weeks. Still have not found a solution to her neck pain, I know it's me, but the nerve block is done and it should give her some relief. Still have to find the reason....


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I actually really enjoyed Guild Wars 2 for about the first 50 hours or so because the story was there, there was certainly variety and all counted toward dailys.

Then I started having to deal with the Risen all the time and it sucked the fun right out of the game for me. It just got too repetitive for little to no gain IMHO so I quickly stopped playing.
I like many of GW1 features, but GW2 is superior in most areas. Anet took a different design approach and are doing 1GB updates every two weeks which is unheard of in this industry. Some of the updates have been so-so but most have been pretty good.

There is plenty to do in this game there are 24 different dungeon paths and with the last update there are now 15 fractal dungeons. The WvW has been updated and is very competitive these days and actually pretty fun. The crafting system also has been updated and there are completely new armor and weapon sets. They also added a LFG tool so you can now do group content.

Most of us hate the Risen and for the most part after the story is completed you don't ever have to deal with them again unless to want to do the temple fights.


Jesus dookie, I play almost every night and haven't seen any risen in months. Just filthy, low skilled Tarnished Coast and SoS zerglings.
I admit I'm not playing GW2 nearly as much as I thought I would. It's a good game but I think my tastes have changed is all. I now prefer tech & science over fantasy & magic.
Going to put GW2 to bed for awhile. The Living Story thing isn't working for me and I'm not feeling the grindy crafting for the ascended stuff.

Playing Neverwinter now having fun with it and I really like the combat system of the classes. If you bored give it a try its free and you can play and download it through steam. If you dump a few bucks into the game they have some starter packs that makes things a bit easier, but the game it completely free with no restrictions to game content.

Starting playing again most of the changes and updates made the game much better. Engnr can you log in one day and pass guild lead to me. They completely changed the Guild system and we cant do anything with the guild without a leader.


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You may want to PM Jez as I haven't seen Engr around in some time.

If you PM her she'll get an e-mail notification alerting her.

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