Free DLC for Spintires: Mudrunner announced

Focus interactive has announced that there is a free DLC inbound for Mudrunner next month, Called The Valley;

The DLC will contain a new map "The Valley", a 'very large' forest map that will have you start without any garages unlocked.

Also included are 3 new vehicles, each coming with existing but also some new add-ons, some of which will also become available for existing vehicles.

The new vehicles are:
  • A-969, a powerful 4x4 vehicle
  • C-6317, a six-wheeled truck
  • E-7429, a very large 8x8 truck 'with a special hidden talent'
Since the numbers in the names in Spintires usually refer to their real life counterparts, the vehicles most likely will be based on these (note that these are my guesses, not official info);


MAZ 6317:


We will see if I'm right about this coming February :)


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Great news for all of us, thanks for posting @Shilka.

We gotta get together and do another Mud Run. I think Spintires was always a pretty solid game but MudRunner amped it up about 6 notches for me.
Well, there will be USA DLC incoming, so who knows what that will bring :D

BTW, the DLC in this topic is inbound tomorrow, I'm curious about the new map!

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