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Does anyone have experience with the Elgato Game Capture HD 60 Pro or any internal game capture card? The reason I ask is I'm nearly convinced an internal capture card is the only thing that will satisfy current and future needs when it comes to video content.

In streaming and then YouTube publishing Little Nightmares it's become painfully obvious that Twitch format even recorded locally just does not work for what I want to achieve in YouTube.

Essentially the way I see it, with Twitch I'm communicating live with an audience who's typically in chat as I play. With YouTube I'm talking to an audience I cannot physically interact with and the commentary for both is very different.

Publishing a video to YouTube with commentary where I'm answering to disembodied phantom questions just sounds silly and comes across odd in every video. This is not a problem in iRacing because usually there are many of us in chat saying stupid shit so it's hidden well but when it's me and an audience discussing a let's play/walkthrough session it just doesn't work.

Having said that, I'd like to keep the audio portion of just me talking my way through the game as that stuff translates just fine. The problem is that XSplit is very limited in it's options in this regard so the best measure right now is to strip mic audio and use a 3rd party capture software (Audacity) for the mic.

This kind of works but given the sensory overload that starting a stream can be it's not rare for me to select the wrong scene and commentary over a scene with no mic enabled.

...and every game is different so some can use Borderless window and split audio where others cannot.

I honestly struggle keeping it straight and it took 4 attempts to find the method for Little Nightmares which worked for local recording but not for streaming. :eek:

Then there are my other needs outlined below:
  • My aging slightly overlocked (and sometimes overtaxed) i7 3770K and the fact I cannot replace until late 2018.
  • Ability to stream 720p 30 and/or 60 at 3500 mbps (and up) while record locally at 1080 high quality
  • Separate audio source capture such as game and comms
  • PlayStation 4 compatible
  • Picture in picture streaming: (Future use) This means the game will be slightly smaller offering live elements outside the game window to encourage audience engagement.
  • Remote streaming and/or recording: (Future use) When the new computer is here I'll be gaming on it and offloading the streaming and/or recording to my the PC I'm using now.
Given the above it really sounds like the capture card is the best answer but I'd love your insight.

Does it sound given the circumstances that the capture card is a good idea?

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