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If you're a person who dislikes the ever growing library of game launchers trying to compete with Steam you may be interested in giving GOG Galaxy 2.0 a try.

"As gamers, we need to juggle between multiple clients to access our games and see what our friends are playing,” says Piotr Karwowski, Managing Director at GOG. “We believe gamers deserve a better experience, and this became the driving force to redefine GOG GALAXY client,” Karwowski adds. “GOG GALAXY 2.0 is designed for all gamers and extends well beyond existing GOG.COM users, into both PC and console platforms.

It's not perfect nor is it as robust as Steam but what it has is pretty good so far particularly with it being in beta.

The thing I appreciate most about it is how it intends to eventually handle all these various game launchers.

GOG Galaxy will launch Steam, Origin, Epic, etc., for you when you launch the game from it's library. Currently it doesn't shut down the aforementioned however it's something they seem to be working on as the options exist but aren't usable at this time.

Also, although it needs work, GOG Galaxy tries to track achievements, time played and even graphs out your historical time ingame.

So far I like what I see and use it currently as much as Steam.

Plus it's CDProjekt and who doesn't love these folks? They are Gamers who hate DRM and believe a Customer should ALWAYS get value in their purchases.

This is one of the few companies in the Gaming landscape that actually cares about you getting value.

...and it's free.

Having said that, if a robust marketplace and social features are important to you then this likely isn't the launcher for you.

If your purpose is to one day no longer have to micro-manage your other game launchers and purchase DRM free games then GOG Galaxy may be a good fit.

Give it a try so I can have someone on my empty friends list.

...not to say this is an issue with GOG Galaxy, more a measure of my lacking in social prowess.
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I just signed up for the Beta.
You can be my friend Ken.
I'm certainly interested to hear how long it takes to get an invite.

I got my invite pretty much right away but I've read just yesterday in the comments some haven't received a beta invite after many months.

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