Good News for Endurance Damage Repair

Greg West (Staff):
"With the Season 4 2021 release, members will see notable updates to the manner in which LMP1, LMP2, GTE, GT3, and Supercars are able to repair damage.

The systems updated include both steering and aerodynamic damage. The user experience should now be greatly improved notably in endurance races where steering can be completely repaired so the steering wheel is straight while aerodynamic damage can be repaired as well. The end result is an accident may require a lengthy pitstop but the car will have the opportunity to be competitive after the repairs have taken place.

We are excited to have these updates applied in time for the Bathurst 1000 and Petit Le Mans special events that are the next endurance events on the calendar."


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I'll be honest, this feels like kind of a nothing post. I'd like to know what this actually means. Although, that kind of sums up iRacing's damage model as a whole. Everything is so vague. I want a repair list, and I want the ability to prioritize that list. I honestly I would LOVE the body repair system to be exactly what @Jes_971 posted (it kind of is on some cars already, but thats my point. iRacing is very inconsistent car to car and series to series). Having the option to pound and tape down a hood/fender vs taking a few extra minutes to replace it would be a nice choice.


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This is pretty exciting news, can't wait to see how they actually implement it over time as I've no doubt it will continue to develop like everything else in iRacing does.

Introducing it as a one click fix makes the most sense as they'll get a ton of feedback most of which will likely be "it's good but needs x,y,z" feature. The iRacing Community is never truly satisfied so why put a lot of work into something upon introduction?

It's also probably the easiest to implement quickly so it costs them little to nothing in the short term as it's a modified fast repair system on a timer (if I read it correctly).

I've no doubt over time it will be a more robust system where we can pick and choose components based off aero, power plant and suspension all with approximated time penalty values. Makes for a really interesting meta game particularly in Endurance where the Team can help determine the best repairs at that time and under those unique circumstances.

They do need to keep the meatball though and force people to repair parts of the car that make it unsafe to drive which I've no doubt they will.


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I've no doubt over time it will be a more robust system where we can pick and choose components based off aero, power plant and suspension all with approximated time penalty values.
You should really always hold on to some doubt...

This, and pit-stop adjustments, is one of those things that the OG iRacing team has actually implemented before, AND better, in the games they developed under Papyrus and Sierra, but seem to have gone completely overlooked in the 13 years of iRacing development. You can't tell me it's the engine, when they could manage these systems as far back as 1995 or 1997.
Obviously have to see how it works out in reality, but it sounds good. Driving a car that's hugely down on performance for multiple hours is not always the most inspiring experience.


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You should really always hold on to some doubt...
Nah that's your schtick and you do it well enough for the both of us.

I don't think it's an engine limitation but there must be some kind of road block or they'd have implemented it already. Maybe it's low on their priority list, database management issue or even bandwidth as all clients will need to download updated vehicle states regularly, who knows?
@Noodleguitar We banged the car up pretty good during the Bathurst 1000. Front quarter panels were banged in, hood was gone, engine was misfiring, majorly down on power and probably on the verge of eating itself alive. We pitted and took all the repairs we could (somewhere around 12 min.). Out of the pits and the car felt completely normal. 2:07 min. lap times were at the top of my pace and I was able to hit quite a few of them along with a bushel full of low 2:08's. It made the rest of the race so much more enjoyable than it would have been in the past. I am thoroughly satisfied with the updated repair model.
Thanks @Jes_971 , that's really good news for basically any endurance race that has GT cars in it.

And you didn't even have to wreck the engine intentionally to get it repaired :D. 12 minutes is not a lot at all. Before this repair change, 12 mins would perhaps straighten your steering by 3 degrees when the steering wheel was already off center by 90 degrees. Another thing the pit crew used to be able to do in 12 minutes was: find the lost hood of the car, demolish a large building on top of it, dig it out of the rubble and then place it back on the car.


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