Greetings from Kanuckistan

Hello all,
was randomly looking for content on Twitch and came across another one from up here in the great white north. (Kenadian)
Have been playing on-line games for several decades now. It all started with 300 / 9600/ 14.4 modems and dial up. Ahh the good ole days. (not really missed)
For the most part I beta tested on-line games (too bad it didn't pay)
Here are a few I tested (can't remember them all)
- WoW
- Asheron's Call 2
- Everquest 2
- Earth & Beyond (a favorite and miss it, but it is being brought back)
- Star Wars Galaxies (another favorite with the best crafting system ever, also being brought back)

Also play 7 Days to Die & Conan Exiles.
And have just started into driving sims, like Euro Trucker & American Trucker, and am thinking of joining iRacing now too. :p
Hope to see you all out there having phun.
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Welcome to B2O, you'll always find someone to game with around here, and chat about your favourite games. We have people actively playing Conan, Euro and American Truck Simulator and obviously iRacing among many others :)


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Hi @JavaMan :)

I can't believe you decided to register after seeing what's in store from my streams. You're either drawn toward fellow countrymen or a complete glutton for punishment.

...both fit well here.

Hey, btw, we have our own Conan Exiles Server. It's PVE but good times nonetheless.

I typically have adventures with @Deb and @afroducks which is a blast but there's always space for more.
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