GT1 During Wednesday Practice Pals

Hi Gang :D
Last week we managed to get enough B2O people together to make the GT1 race at 1:45 am GMT go official! it requires 10 racers for this as it is a mixed class event. I think there were 5 or 6 of use registered from the get go which is all it takes for people scanning around for a race at that time to notice and start clicking and filling up the grid!
This has a snowball effect and before you know it you have a nice field and potential for a decent race!
Normally Marc and I try to aim for the Friday evening GMT race but this doesn't suit most people in the U.S so its nice to be able to do an extra race.
We Have a baseline set-up for the Corvette C6-R which Marc sourced from somewhere (I couldn't find it but you know how blind I am!) I do not however have anything for the Aston, but I think Marc also has a baseline for that one that you can grab at practice pals time and I think Ken has it also!

Last week we had:
+ Myself
If a couple more would like to join in the fun this evening I know
@Anson Bennette
Also own the GT1 Cars and have expressed an interest previously.
This weeks race is at Suzuka Grand Prix and is in the morning track state so it should be nice and grippy, bear in minds these cars are now on the new tyre model which all going well should be on all the cars very soon so this is a great opportunity to get used to them early.
Race fuel for this is 61 litres in the Corvette,the setup has 70 litres in there which is nice and safe for two extra laps!
Anybody else that would like to help make this race go official then please come along! @Brainling and @ShadniX perhaps?
I am not sure who else owns a GT1 Car but come along anyway :)
I shall make a post in the iRacing forums also for this and see if I can drum up some interest :)



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Sorry @Nejtun but meeno like GT1 so please don't count on my regular participation.

This week both GT3 and IMSA are at Interlagos so I'd much rather put time into them.

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